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i just wanted to shout that… ¯_(ツ)_/¯ !!!


You have got fans XD


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guess who finished Scene 3 of oneshot book! XD wiggles brows @InnateEcstasy I hope you’ll love it lol



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it might just be the atmosphere of valentines day approaching, but i kind of want to be in a relationship again. a real one. my last boyfriend was awful, he never listened or cared about me. we rarely saw each other and he was an immature asshole and i shouldve broken up with him a couple of years before i actually did. i dont know, im confused. ive thought about using dating apps, but i dont feel comfortable about them.


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theres a guy in one of my classes that sits across the room and i think i like him. but i feel bad because i dont know his name. our professor calls out roll every class and i still dont know his name. a few times during class i thought he was looking at me, but i could be totally wrong, i know he would never talk to me,and i probably won’t talk to him because im too awkward. and i think he might already be in a relationship. im :confused:


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Jesus coming back in April. You mfs better repent.


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I was censored


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Yesterday, after another argument with my wife, my co-worker, whom I supervise, went out to lunch. After a ton of margaritas and rum and cokes, we ended extremely censored


Damn that was something to read 0_0


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So it turns out Im lucky I still have two eyes. When I was a toddler my dad was working on a computer. He left the computer case open and I was still bumbling around learning to walk. I fell on the case and it cut the corner of my eyelid. If I fell so much as half a cm further my eye would have been slit open… I got a cool scar though.


be careful with using dating apps, usually they end up being sex apps. It’s mostly used to pick up dates and have sex. Commonly called by street language Sex App. If you want to try online dating make sure to use a safe and reliable dating site. Like Eharmony or maybe These dating sites are far safer and aren’t just about meeting up for a one night stand/hook up. Also date when you honestly think it’s the right time to put yourself out there, don’t let some holiday and friends who’re together with their significant other manipulate you into getting a date and trying again. Go out there because you honestly have your feeling in check and not because of some holiday. :black_heart:


Well let’s put it this way if you don’t try you’ll probably regret not having tried enough at all. Start small and ask for his name by making some common conversation. If he has a girlfriend well just walk away or fight for him, nothing completely wrong with that. If his girlfriend is a sweetheart and he’s seems happy, then look for some other fish who might catch your hook. You never know, so many people out there. It might not seem that way to you but there’re other fish in the sea sweety. Just don’t give up when you haven’t even tried, give yourself a chance and see what may happen. Maybe he actually likes you and is single, you never know unless you try.


Dating Guru X_X


Battle scar! Warrior in the making! XD


XD :wink: lol


Life is well… Life. Book, I’ve had no tme


Be careful when using dating apps. Set proper ground rules and meet in a place you are familiar with. When picking a restaurant, make sure it’s not too expensive, nor too cheap. There are some assholes who only come for free food, make you pay and never see you again. Also, don’t have sex on the first date and be careful while sharing extremely personal info.
Personally, I would say try meeting someone through common friends, so that you know how the other person is. Dating apps can be a bit risky, coz people are looking for random hook-ups and you never know what kind of a person you end up with


exposing myself I stole it from a store


I can understand~
It’s the same here, no time X_X
I am updating my books only once a week as a result >.>


Damn so that was you >.>
Reading that confession again gave me nostalgia lol, yours was the very 2nd confession in this thread <.<