Confessions Anonymous!!



Yes dark chocolate is Amazing~
I like sour + sweet as well~

Humans did nothing, as to why I am creating it? That stays anonymous :v
Maybe @laughingman12 might tell you since he has seen it first hand happen in the future :V


This thread is definitely something cx


I know >.>
It can go really crazy~


#AnonymousConfessions 657:
I sometimes wish i was a bear or a snake so that I could hibernate in the winters,…


Not a bad idea! :V


You are a brave one to take the responsibility in making this thread xD


Lmao, you guys are actually the brave ones to post the confessions though <.<


Thankyou >.>


#AnonymousConfessions 658:
i have seen a fat unicorn!!



No >.> just no <.<


#AnonymousConfessions 659:
I think dora the explorer is dumb! I didn’t even like it as a kid!!




Heh cx good point


Good for you! They don’t even do the Spanish right anyway!


@LaughingMan109 GO TO BED


Not me… But I know of such situations… I also watched a video where this girl is a bit on the heavier side and has low self esteem. The guy is very good looking so she is extremely thrilled that someone like him wants to go out with her. They meet in an expensive restaurant of his choice and after they are done eating, he tells her that he doesn’t have any money at that time but if she is ready to pay for the meal, he will pay when they go on their 2nd date. She is very happy that she is getting a second date and pays for it, but I’m damn sure that he didn’t call her back. Now that may be a set-up despite being a reality show, but such things happen in real life too, where people feed off other people’s insecurities


Whaa bed?
It’s not that late here XD
who goes to bed this soon!


Maybe you should skip school and sleep a little extra? :V
jk jk don’t do that~


I’m more of a spicy person with the occasional sweets


Sorry! Just my habitual greeting. Catch up on sleep anyway…