Confessions Anonymous!!



That is actually quite shitty thing to do tbh
I know many of my guy friends, who get Food-dated by tinder girls since they assume it’s the guy’s job to pay on dates~
never heard of a reverse happening! but yes, that’s completely possible >.>


Same here. But some young parents in my class think it’s very good for their kids


I could… But I value my life. I don’t want my grave stone to say died by la chancla de su madre


I know XD
I actually overslept today X_X


It’s 630 am! There is no way I could go to sleep and live. CHANCLAS


I’ve heard it happen both ways and it sucks! Coz a person is not only making the other one spend, they are also crushing the last bit of self esteem that person has. And you don’t know the financial condition of that person either. They didn’t slog their ass of just to pay for your expensive meal


Chanclas are slippers that mom’s use to beat their kid right? As in discipline them?


Lmao I had to search for what that meant X_X
damn, my AI search engine is so useless :V
so chanclas is the flying slipper your mom might use to kill you??? XD


sends more chanclas her way


I just watched this chancla thing on a show a few days ago


Yeah actually :confused:
But yes! the friends i know of are fully aware that those females only want food, they still go on dates anyways X_X


Some spanish show??


No… An English one with a Latina character


Indians have flying chappals


Ahh i see!


#AnonymousConfessions 660:
LOL i’m enjoying this chappal convo way to much!!! Lmao Rofl!!!


#AnonymousConfessions 661:

MoSt appropriate and relatable thing i found from my many years on the internet…


I just realized that confession “669” is nearing!
I wonder what kind of confession would be in “669” 0_0
(ALSO I AM NOT IGNORING YOU “666” holds my cross)


wonders what is significant about 669, but is too afraid to ask for fear of it being terribly obvious


Lmao you will realize when it comes~
I am pretty sure it’s gonna be a messed up confession >.> all 69s are always ¯_(ツ)_/¯