Confessions of a Wattpadder vol. 2



Finally suspended work on my book. Don’t feel too good about it, but I thought it’d be better than keeping my readers in the dark.


Wow, this is an amazing confession. I’m sorry for how people treated you, but I’m glad you learned from your mistakes. You did the right thing and I hope the author forgave you.


I feel like that constantly. Once I’m done writing this short story, I have no idea what I can write.


Confession: I feel like I don’t know how to put my ideas into words. So then I just let my ideas go away.


Describe them in a note document! Don’t let them go away - it’s a waste of creativity :smile:


I hope that feeling doesn’t last. It’s affecting my creativity.


I’ll have to try that and see if it helps, thank you!


Me too dude


Facing something bad you did in an effort to make amends is a very brave thing. I wish you well on the road you now travel and hope to see some of your writing. It’s a craft like any other, and you will get better with it with time, and people will notice. Don’t let this one thing you did define you. Redefine yourself, learn from it and grow.


I’m so procrastinating, but although “The Kissing Booth” was fun if that’s your bag and “To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before” was actually sweet and a great weekend watch, I’m still low-key annoyed that “Reality High” and “Candy Jar,” also charming YA Rom-Coms on Netflix, with African-American leads, got zero recognition. I don’t think it’s because they have African-American leads, per se, but it does frustrate me that they show a whole other side of the African-American experience that has nothing to do with drugs or gangs or even racism, and no one in the media ever talked about it.

I was desperately going through my Netflix queue last night, looking for a little diversion, and that thought occurred to me.

Props, though, go to “To All the Boys” for breaking the mold.

Whew! I feel better getting that off my chest!! :grin:

P.S. - Candy Jar offers the most accurate depiction of high school debate I’ve ever seen. As a former Drama Kid, it cracked me up. :laughing:


Confession: I was the one who finished the peanut butter.

(couldn’t tell that to my mother )



I can’t really read an analog clock


Whenever I meet someone with bad English I instantly don’t want to be friends with them. Which is horrible, and yes, I am aware I am an asshole.


Confession: I absolutely hate it when people look what I’m watching doing on my phone or laptop. Like, mind your own business!


Confession: I’m that person that looks like they’re looking at other people’s phone/computer screen. In reality, I probably just got distracted by seeing a flash of color on the screen and then zoned out…


Confession: I did an online course and there were homework tasks, and for a while I just searched the questions on the Internet and copied and pasted it.


Oooh, this is a VERY fun thread! My confession is that my name isn’t actually Liz Lane! I’ve just put a book (Your Friday Night) on Wattpad for the first time under a pen-name because I’m a traditionally published author of multiple books in a different genre. Confession #2: I once accidentally ate dog treats because my husband re-bagged them in a ziplock baggie to keep them fresh. Moral of the story? LABEL YOUR ZIPLOCK BAGS, guys, lol!! Nice to “meet” you all! Can’t wait to explore your stories!


:rofl: When we had our dog (who was a pup back then) I tried one of the jerky as young me was curious and I love jerky. It wasn’t like human jerky (of course) so young me had been fooled :joy:


LOL!! At least you only ate one! I ate THE ENTIRE BAG. I knew they tasted weird. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: