Conflict with re-writing a story


So I currently have a story that I’ve posted and completed, but after sending my manuscript to an editor, I’ve found some things that I have to add to the story which includes like certain characterization, a few plot elements, but most chapters.

I’m wondering: should I take down the story that I have now and rebuild from there, or should I just create a new story and make that the new version and do it off that. If I do make a new version, do I take my old version down?

I’m kind of conflicted with this :frowning:


That’s completely up to you, but I think if you want to continue with this story, it’d be easier to take it down and rebuild from there. So, just add whatever you need to, take away some things, etc etc. There’s no need to completely destroy the old version. BUT if you do decide to make a new version, you can keep the old version on Wattpad for now while you’re editing the new one. Then, whatever you plan on doing with the new one, like if you plan on publishing it, you do that. Does that make sense?


Wattpad is not a museum. I would guess you would want your best material to represent you as a writer. I know it hurts to lose the reads and comments you have, but other than that I can’t think of a good reason to keep up a version that you don’t think is the best one.


I personally keep the original up if I have to completely rewrite almost the whole book but if it’s just slight changes the original doesn’t need to be up.


Keep the original up. You might get comments from readers that help you with the second version.