Contacted by an "agent"

I was wondering if an Ambassador can help me with this…

I always report Dreame (etc) accounts who inbox me and ask me to post on their website as I know it’s against Wattpad’s terms and conditions, but now I’m getting messages from representatives/agents from companies that I have never heard of and don’t find much information on. They are clearly just generic messages as there is no personalisation, they’re new accounts with no picture, description, followers, works etc.

My question is, can I report these also? Or are these “agents” allowed to poach authors? I would understand if it was a legit company and my work was half decent (I’m still learning shrugs) but to me, they’re spam accounts?

I would appreciate some thoughts on this :slightly_smiling_face:

They are not allowed to from what I understand they have to actually contact wattpad and then wattpad will contact you. So yes report them.


Thanks! I didn’t think they were allowed to but wanted to check for the future because unfortunately, these messages are coming through more frequently.


Hi, no agent, publishing house or whatever is allowed to poach WP authors. Those are always scams, sadly. Thank you for reporting them!


I thought so but thank you for confirmation! :relaxed:


Omg! A “Dreame” account approached me the other day, and I didn’t know. Let me go and report them. sigh I was so excited lmao.

Edit note: I can’t seem to find the account. Wow.


It probably got deleted because these accounts only exist for one reason - to scam WP authors!

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I hope so.