Contacted by Dreame


Hi everyone, I was contacted by an editor from Dreame. It’s a new platform originated from FicFun. I’m very hesitant when I get message from people because usually they are a scam.

Does anybody know if Dreame is also a scam because I’ve never heard of them before.


Wattpad Ranks/Tags/Genres - Will the issues ever get fully addressed?

Yeah I was just poached too - it’s a total scam, report the account and include a screenshot of their PM to you.

It’s also not new. I was poached once last year as well. Don’t know why they’re pretending it’s new.

Also a huge indicator that they’re a scam: they say they’re for female orientated work and I don’t write that. They also didn’t include my username in their PM, it just said “dear author”

Defo a scam.


Can you please report them, so we can sort them out? @lilyfanfiction? Thank you! They really should leave WP authors well alone!


Will do :slight_smile:

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Already have :sunglasses:

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They’ve been making their rounds for a while now. They tried to poach me twice last year and then again just a couple days ago.

Gotta love scam artists trying to steal wattpad authors.


They’ve got to be super-dumb to hit ambs!


The two last year were before I was an ambassador. But yeah with this latest one I got a good chuckle out of it. Fairly sure they didn’t even pay attention to who I was. They just cut and paste my book title and sent out their form message. The one I got was word for word what @AWFrasier got but from a different account (since by the time she got hers the one I reported was already closed)

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I used to get poached on Wattpad for the very same reason, but I just ignore them.

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At least they mentioned a book of yours in the PM. In mine they didn’t even bother with that :joy:

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Well on case you get contacted by them, their account is weeniem8. Already reported them :joy:
I can’t believe how many of those accounts have been bothering people for the past few years.


i googled and it looks like they are paying people to write/post their stories?

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They are - but it’s a ridiculously low amount. Not worth it.

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They also contacted me. But not because of Wattpad but because of my activities in Webnovel…
They contacted me on my IG and Facebook account…


but WN contract is very similar lulz


What do you mean?
What about Webnovel’s contract?

Did you get a contract from Webnovel?