Contacted by other online sites

Hey guys,

So since the beginning of this month since I started posting regular updates on my poplar story I’ve been contacted by three different people from three supposedly different online publishing sites. The last time this happened I reported in to an ambassador and reported the account. Is it still the same process or does Wattpad now have something that can protect their authors from this? I’ve been ignoring it so far, but advice on how to handle this would be really appreciated! thank you xx

Yep – or you can report them yourself. Or, you can report the profiles directly to @TheOrangutan. The accounts pop up again as soon as they’re swatted down. Maggots. If nothing else, THAT should tell people that they should avoid them – no ethics at all.


I have now reported them as spam accounts and included the messages they sent and links to their profiles!
I feel strongly about them trying to poach writers from wattpad. I’ve been on Wattpad about 10years now and I don’t think any one should try detracting from this platform! <3
It just a shame that some unsuspecting writers might not know any better :frowning:

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