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Campbell Harrison just graduated high school and is more than happy to leave the grand arches of Pacific Coastal Academy in her rearview mirror. It wasn’t that she was unpopular or that she got failing grades, it was the sudden death of her brother Beau and the subsequent crumbling of her parents’ marriage that Campbell was itching to escape.

Everyone expected Campbell to attend Stanford in the fall with her childhood sweetheart Myles and that four years later she would graduate and take over the family’s winery in Napa. What Campbell kept from everyone is that she secretly applied to NYU. Accepted to pursue a double major in Art and Graphic Design, Campbell was counting down the days till she could pack her bags and fly east.

Only when LA native and budding actor Jude Warren rents the house next to Campbell does she reconsider her plans to leave California forever.



After growing up in foster care, Aurora’s only way in the world is the way she makes for herself. Finally free to live on her own and attend college, she is working hard towards her ultimate goal - becoming a social worker to help other kids like her - when she comes home to find an injured dog in her back yard.

Aurora forms an immediate attachment to the animal, only to be visited and forcibly befriended by its owner - a brash, strange boy named Adam. When Adam and Aurora are violently taken captive by the secrets of his past, Aurora must learn to trust her new friends - and herself - in order to save them all.


PLEASE CHECK OUT MY NEW ADULT ROMANCE ‘MEET ME AT THE METRO’! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


What happens when limelight isn’t the only thing your heart is chasing?

Ellie Mattice is offered the opportunity of a lifetime when she gets accepted as an international student at a leading performance arts school in London.

Her dream is to make it to the center stage and ‘Guildhall School of Music and Drama’ seems to be a glimmering path for pursuing those dreams. Ellie is quick to adapt to the London lifestyle and the hustle and bustle of the big city, but it’s the people who dwell in it who may throw her a curve-ball.

Guarded and questionable Theo immediately catches her eye, but will she follow after the “man on the metro” or will she have to mind the gap?

:warning:- Strong Language/ Sexual Content
:bangbang:- Triggering Subjects

I am always open to read-for-reads and love making new friends on Wattpad… Please don’t hesitate to message me :blush:


image Blythe Donatella O’neil is a beautiful 21 year old super model. She has everything that a girl will ever want, mansion, Beauty, Fame, designer clothes but the only problem is her parents.

Blythe’s parents are extremely strict. Everything she does her parents watch like a hawk. She’s always obedient and follow her parents wish untill one day, Her parents told her that they want her to marry a man 34years older than her.

She runaway from home and went to resort where she stays without anyone knowing her real identity.she met Liam MCavoy, a bartender at the resort club. Everything is going well untill Blythe’s parents found out her where abouts.

They will do everything to separate her from Liam.

and Liam is determine to do anything to keep blythe with him.

But If her parents truly have an idea who liam is, They wouldn’t mess with him.


Good morning/afternoon to everyone! I hope everyone’s day is going well.

I would like to share with all of you, my current WIP, 500 Letters.
500 Letters is a literary dedication to the authors who have inspired my journey as a writer.

_"Alouette Peterson longs to become the muse of S.R. Reynard. The author, whose sensual words had courted her. He is an acclaimed name hidden behind the veil of anonymity. However, on a wintry Toronto night, unbeknownst to Alouette, he strays into the bar she’s employed at. His suave nature leaves an imprint on her heart while her quiet innocence dismantles his reclusive world. _

Their innocent attraction kindles into a wildfire of unquenchable passion. S.R. pursues Alouette, devoted in writing 500 letters to seduce her mind, body, and soul. He brings her into his world, revealing his true identity and the dark secrets encompassing it. Alouette must decide if her genuine love supersedes the transgressions of her beloved author or if his iniquities are beyond redemption."


I look forward to meeting new writers/ readers. Please feel free to message me!
Have a great day!


Ongoing - Updates every Thursday!

Title: No Cops!


Suzy Ford has a rule No Cops! which means that she will never date one. But she meet Jake Larson and dates him, being blissfully unaware that he’s a cop.
When she does realize he’s a cop, she just needs to break up with him. Simple, right?


The Lonely Love Story:

Romance / Realistic / coming-of-age / new adult

This is the story of three adolescents, who have been brought up in the same town but in completely different lives. Watch as they come together to form eternal bonds of friendship and love, both in an ideal world and in real life.


#1: The Rainbow Fantasy

Two childhood friends had been leading separate lives for three years - the longest in their lives so far - and have felt the pain of being apart. But now, when they finally meet again, they each realise that things between them have changed too much to ignore. Will they be able to see eye-to-eye on anything ever again?

Read The Rainbow Fantasy here!



Thriller / paranormal / teen fiction / romance / contemporary / coming-of-age / new adult

"Why do you keep pushing people away like that?!" she cried and I could see how angry she was. "Why do you push ME away?! What have I ever done to you?!"

When young Frank Edwards meets the new student, Elisa Mary Vincent, he realises that the secret he fought so hard to keep is about to be revealed.
And then, there is little Lydia Thomas. She is too innocent and naive and believes that the only reason her friend Frank is not already gone out of his mind is because of Elisa Mary.
However, dark truths emerge and all hell breaks loose…

Read Dark Deeds here!

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