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This is A sweet tease novel series.

Xavier Clint is an alt country star that finds himself in a rundown house in
the middle of nowhere. He is batteling his demons. Chris Severson is a small town barista that finds herself to be a landlady to a rich dude and when their paths cross the sparks starts to fly.
She gives him a reason to keep fighting his demons and he gives her the abillity to soar.

Some mature content.


Sky Simmons may be tall, but she is far from delicate. Much like her name, she’s as unpredictable and dangerous as the sky can be. Growing up with access to anything she wants, except for the love of her parents, is what led her down this undesirable path.

Upon the request of a family friend, Mason Evans appears on the scene, and you can see this side of hers begins to get much worse. With Mason’s parents initially asking Sky’s parents to take the boy in to finish his studies in England with the intent of paying all the expenses, her parents decline. Instead, they ask that he try and straighten out their daughter.

Grateful to have the chance to get it all for free, Mason agrees, but being a head shorter than Sky kind of leaves doubt as to whether he can have any authority over her. Will it turn out to be more than he signed up for?


(click on the cover to get to the book)




Elizabella ‘Ella’ Adams had the perfect life on paper: caring family, stable job and a serious relationship. But sometimes moments come along in life which make you question whether what’s on paper is enough for the heart. Sometimes people can come along. For Ella that person was Theodore ‘Theo’ Harrington.
Irresistibly charming, handsome, and ambitious. He would be perfect for her heart but was he perfect on paper? Ella would have to wait and see. Because if there was one thing she’d learnt, there was no better love than the unpredictable.

“This story is so well written so far, it’s truly amazing!”
“It’s so rare to find a story that’s as well written as this one. You are a truly talented writer, with both your writing style, and your story development. LOVE it!”
“Honestly you’re good”
“This is cute already just be prepared for so many comments”


photo The Dark Forest Cover_zpsj3a9bpwk.jpg

Story Link:

When Amber Celest finally runs through the dark forest, her whole world changes. She realizes there’s more to earth than meets the eye. But she has to be careful. Not everything she sees is real. And not everyone she knows is human.

Will she find out the truth and make it out alive? Or will she stay lost and never find her way out?

Time is ticking… It doesn’t wait for no one… And the forces against her are all prepared for what’s to come.

Book 2 | Trailer Inside


The Last Cowboy by Amari Cooke

Julie Hawkins wasn’t looking for a boyfriend.
Austin Reeves didn’t see her coming.
Luck brought them together, but distance tore them apart.
Would Julie risk everything for the last cowboy?

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Click for a message:

The first chapter is 95% a true story with real people (Not their real names) at a real place. I had to share my story with you guys!!







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Need A Ride

Sandra Bailey lost her sister and a dear friend in the summer. Now she’s in her last year of high school, stuck in the memories she forces herself to ignore, in the depth of grief. She refuses to open herself up even to the people closest to her simply because she hates bringing up the past, and consequently, fails to acknowledge that they need her just as much as she needs them.

Until she realises, time waits for no one, and she cannot afford to make the same mistakes again.

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.•°°•. For a night you were mine
And ever since I am yours .•°

Alyssa needed someone to go to her sister’s wedding with her. She couldn’t be the only bridesmaid without a date, it was unacceptable. The young woman had nearly gave up and was preparing herself to face the disappointed stare of her sister. Sitting in a cafe, drinking a warm cup of tea Alyssa noticed a man looking at her. He was handsome, had a charming smile and he seemed to be as old as she was. Would he accept her offer to be her date for the wedding? :orange_heart: :raising_hand_woman:please support a new writer? [Ongoing story, updates weekly]

The Doctor’s Son (Ongoing)


The camera loves him, and so does the boy behind it.

As senior year of high school approaches, Sawyer couldn’t be happier. He has amazing friends, a loving Father, and a great home. But when Sawyer’s Father receives the chance of a lifetime at a job in Canada, Sawyer is shipped across the country to his Mother, her hot doctor husband, and his even hotter son. Needless to say, Sawyer is in for the craziest and most amazing year of his life.

You can read The Doctor’s Son at's-son

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It sure is!! :joy:

In Another Life, I Would Make You Stay

Ayden will soon be in charge of CMC, a multi-billion dollar company in Chicago. Alva grew up surrounded by reindeer and mountains on the other side of the world. When she steps into Ayden’s office, it seems like the two have nothing in common. Ayden gets turned on by her fearless attitude and decides to follow her to Sweden. It turns out that their backgrounds are more similar than they first thought, and that’s the reason they could never be together.

Read The Story Here!

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We both love wearing dresses, the prettier the better.
We also both love cosplaying and have a flair for magical-girl style characters.
But that is where our similarities end.

Izzy has always loved dresses, one of her favourite memories is when her parents got her a sewing machine for her ninth birthday, a real one. She’s been making and designing her own dresses ever since.
She gets most of her inspiration from two sources, videogames and anime. Her favourite thing to do is to make the frilliest dress in an anime. There is something liberating about stepping into the skin of a magical girl, changing into someone else can be the safest way to explore who you really are.
Izzy’s current obsession is the newly released ‘Magical Princess Club’ and especially the character Sakura. So, when she finds someone at a convention who is cosplaying Aoi, Sakura’s best friend in the anime, she can’t help but want to get to know them better.
Because something in the way they portray Aoi gives her butterflies in her stomach. Even though she knows that more than just being friends will probably never happen…

Elliot’s first time crossplaying Aoi at a convention is a little more overwhelming than he thought it would be. He keeps getting compliments, but some of the stares make him a little uncomfortable.
He’s made cosplays before, but always male characters, he never really dared to do what he really wanted, cosplaying a magical girl. But after watching Aoi on the screen, he knew that he had to try. He had to take that step. Aoi had to be his first crossplay.
When Elliot’s eyes fall on a beautiful girl cosplaying Sakura, he has to talk to her, and one chat becomes two and three, and suddenly they’re getting photographed together everywhere and it’s the most fun he’s ever had.
But why would a pretty girl like her ever want more from him? Can he bring up the courage to ever ask her out, especially since she knows what he likes to do?

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ROMANCE /Paranormal

When aspiring writer Freya Telford’s house and belongings go up in flames, her deceased uncle Johnny leaves her the haunting Ashford Estate. Dealing with daily paranormal activities and a diary found in a vault, Freya unearths a secret about the estate and meets a man from the past.



Cold and uptight famous architect Sylvia Coal is picked pocketed by street wise Cameron Knight. With an uneventful wedding in Scotland, Sylvia reluctantly makes Cameron her wedding date, confronts her demons and learns a valuable lesson in giving love a chance.


❝ you might not have been my first love
but you were the love that made
all other loves seem
irrelevant ❞
― Rupi Kaur

A picture perfect situation. Faith Elizabeth Reed-Calloway thrives in the film industry; six months down until she ties the knot for an arranged marriage to a man she’s in love with. However, things take a turn.

An exciting adventure awaits for Faith to uncover, where friendships are tested in a make it or break it fashion, and a fresh, new perspective that gives her an uncharted realisation of a romantic experience she has been missing out.

Thank you for taking the time to read!

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Elaine White is an untamed spirit. There is a reason all of her relationships have failed. Life has dealt her a malicious hand, but things are finally starting to look up. If only she saw that as a good thing.

Noah Brooks has always gotten his way. His personality is uncompromising in wit and confidence. As far as everyone’s concerned, life has been unfairly kind to him.

When a chance encounter causes Elaine and Noah to collide, literally, their fiery attitudes severely clash. They are so different, yet so similar.

Noah can’t possibly get it.

Or can he?


Started in September 2018.
Cover Photography by Mario Kroes.


Click Cover To Read
Meet Julie:

She’s spent some good times meeting with her book club in the old mansion. But now the city is going to tear it down. The bulldozers are destroying the guest house as she comes up with an idea. Maybe she can save the old mansion by getting a petition online? With enough people knowing about what was at stake, maybe she could work a miracle.

Her blog and petition get the attention of the young, entrepreneur Peter Mason. He manages his family business restoring historical buildings and turning them into historic hotels. He seems to be the knight in shining armor she has been waiting for.

Meet Peter:

Obsessed with the business he runs with his father, he doesn’t have time for relationships. He goes after a bit of skirt on his own terms. But something strange starts to happen to him. He can’t get Julie out of his mind. It’s new territory. Between the distractions of her being his new assistant, he can’t get anything done. The only thing left to do is include her in his business life.

Will the saving of the mansion break the walls between them? Or will each in turn save each other?

Thank you for reading.


Cover Design: Melody Simmons



Instead of graduating university early and still struggling with her father’s recent death, Bailey seeks adventure. As a 22 year old novice traveler and aspiring artist, she takes a gap semester to backpack Italy, her father’s birthplace, and do a work-exchange at a hostel in Catania. Upon befriending a female volunteer at her work-exchange, Bailey begins to question her sexuality.

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