Context behind CopyPasteCris?



It seems like the hashtag is becoming a competition between self-published writers and trade published writers, rather than what’s originally intended by the hashtag, which was to highlight the copyright issues that have been going on.

Is there a way to resolve this kind of conflict in a neat fashion? I’m tired of having to play the peace keeper role, and highlight issues where it seems like each side is accusing each other of plagiarism, when the case is almost resolved at this point.

It’s one of the reasons I hate twitter, is it always evolves into this weird witch hunts of sorts (as much as I hate the term) about anyone writing anything that isn’t strictly a novel.

A person isn’t a plagiarist, simply because they write short story collections or shorter novellas. One person was even insinuating that this was the case.

That’s not the answer to resolving cases like these.


I have been following the hashtag and haven’t seen any indie v trad fighting? I did see a detour into ghost writing and there was the false correlation made that ghostwriting was scamming, when it’s not. ghostwriting has been a legitimate business decision for decades.

Edit: I’ve been back and re-read the last 2 weeks of the hashtag and still have zero idea what you are referring to. I can’t see any witch hunt, or trad authors ganging up on indies (or vice versa)?


I haven’t seen any evidence of this either. Are you referring to Nora Robers weighing in? Even at that, I haven’t seen any trad v indie fights.


The only witch hunt I know of is of Cris herself since she literally ripped off 30-something authors, some cookbooks, some articles and some Wattpad books.

What other witch hunt have you seen?


Can you even call it a witch hunt given the sheer magnitude of her plagiarism? (just wondering aloud here :wink:)Personally, I’d be more inclined to call that the pursuit of justice for the authors involved. From what I have seen, overall it has remained civil.

It is only natural for a conversation like that hashtag to evolve over time. People have raised other concerns, such as the author using copyrighted images for book covers without buying the photos from the photographer :disappointed_relieved: Sure there are numerous other issues being discussed on the hashtag but the main focus has always remained on Cris’ actions and I’m not seeing any trad v indie hate?


I’m going through it now and it’s all civil. I mean, people were super angry in the beginning, but it has definitely calmed down now. No indie vs. trad though.

The only time I saw something that could resemble an actual witch hunt was when, like you mentioned, people went after ghost writers. But that was killed within a day :joy:

I think what #CopyPasteCris has sparked is a super important conversation on copyright in general and how much is going unnoticed until one person notices and reaches out to the original creator. This all started because a reader recognised a phrase in a book by Cris that belonged to someone else.

Anyways, here’s a list of all the people Cris copied (that we know of) Probably the best context we can give for this entire thing.


I think this one spanned its own hash tag. Copypastetrinity or something like that. So that helped separate it a little bit from Copypastecris.

It’s good that these are coming up though because stuff like this has been going on far too long. The more out cry there is about it, the better chance it reaches more ears and people learn you can’t do this.

You can’t take words that aren’t yours.
You can’t take images that aren’t yours.
Stealing books is exactly the same as stealing money, food, clothes, cars, etc etc etc.

I saw the fight about the site that was hosting pirated books now doing a gofundme for their legal fees and one of the arguments was honest to god “I’m not a thief because I don’t steel food or money. The internet isn’t the same as real life” (or something to the effect. Can’t remember the exact words) it is beyond absurd how many people don’t understand why this isn’t okay.


I saw this! Ebook Bike! I just looked for the gofundme and it appears to have been deleted, lol.


I suspect gofundme deleted it. i doubt they’d want to support someone breaking the law. The whole “I didn’t upload it myself” isn’t a defense. Hasn’t been for torrent sites and won’t be for him.


The only one who can continue to use this defence is Pirate Bay and that’s because it’s based in Sweden where this literally is a legal defence.

In Canada though? Lol, not so much.


GoFundMe deleted the pirate’s campaign as it spread through the author community, asking us all to report it as he promotes illegal activities. There is a legitimate GoFundMe now for one indie author who is trying to sue him for pirating and distributing his books on


I am so lost. What is this all about? Witch hunts, pirate bikes, and hashtags?


Cliff notes version is a self published author was caught plagiarizing over 80 romance authors, many some very well known ones like Nora Roberts, including one Wattpad novels and a couple of recipes. She blamed it on her ghost writer which sparked a debate over the moral legalities of ghostwriting. And while that was going on a website hosting a crap ton of stolen books started a fight with the authors claiming because he didn’t upload them himself he washed his hands of the legal implications of it. He ended up trying to have a go fund me account to pay for his legal fee’s because he’s being sued.

Think that sums it all up.


Thank you