Continuing the thread re: MDC code


For security reasons, I cannot move forward w/ creating a plugin to whitelist and allow CSS inline posts on here.
I know, it sucks. I’m working on other ways of accommodating our MDC community that don’t leave Wattpad at risk. And I’m sorry.


At least you tried! :trophy:


Noooooooooo I want a solution


How was it the former/current clubs did it? Was it just such a different platform?


CSS was less powerful when we first let it be injected in Clubs


So current CSS poses some security exploit risk because of its capabilities??


i don’t really want to get into it
it’s also not my place to make that call. i’m not an engineer @ wattpad…i’m a PM and i have to leave those types of decisions to that team since long-term it’ll be their responsibility (similar to how i can’t change the forums to pagination)


My (very) uneducated guess is that some CSS basically become hacks. Like on the current clubs people can hack the threads to hide the report buttons, profile picks, etc. That isn’t entirely safe and probably taxes the system considerably on the back end.


Makes sense. The whole point of changing the clubs is to alleviate some of the pressure they cause. As much as pagination would be preferred, I don’t want it at a risk of just creating the same problems you’re trying to fix.


That was my biggest worry, security risks.


now you tell me. after i talk to our eng team and they’re like, wait WHAT are you trying to do! :ded:


In her defense it’s probably better to hear from the people who would actually be working on the back end :laughing:


:slight_smile:i know, i kid i kid


I really do hope you can find some solution. I mean the MDC probably is too big a beast for the clubs anyway so maybe this is a good thing. They can get the space they need (whatever that is, I don’t know) and be able to continue to grow and evolve on Wattpad.


I think I mentioned it once, but didn’t say it in the main thread. Oops.

(Coding Resource Megathread)


Personally Coding isn’t everything, In fact most authors coding I hate because it’s unreadable but you are still able to use photos for it so it would work, I still stick by my labels idea earlier, That allows you to Label shops, Open/Closed Cover/Trailer/Critique Etc; Because it would make searching through Shop threads a hole lot easier, without having 50 categories, No reason to have 10 different areas to find things.

I know a lot of people are going to be upset about this, BUT, there if there isn’t a way around it they need to understand and get over it, Wattpad needs new forums, the old ones are awful, it’s impossible to have more than like 5 subscriptions, the notifications are screwed over, you can’t even use the page from the apps, and this one has a lot of good features and could easily have some added onto. I wish Categories were placed differently but you’re still figuring that out so I’m not going to bother you with that xD


Hopefully we’ll get to a good place with categories placed neatly for you :slight_smile:


XD I can feel a little bit of salt in there. <3


Haha no im serious!!!
Im also being driven crazy about where to put all the categories :scream:


Honestly, I could give you what I would do but to do that I’m going to do it in photoshop xD