Continuous Story

hey everyone! so I came up with the idea of one person writing a paragraph or so and ending it on a cliffhanger or in the middle of a sentence. the next person would continue on where that person left off and turn the story any way that they wanted to. I thought it be interesting to see how a story starts and how it would end when multiple people create it!
I will start:

As I sat on the patio of my favorite coffee shop located in downtown, I felt the warm fall breeze brush across my skin. There was something about fall that I absolutely adored. Maybe it was the sound of crunching leaves, or the gorgeous colors the leaves turned, or maybe it because I was able to drink a hot coffee in cold weather. I was taken away from my thoughts as I looked up and saw that a man was staring at me from across the patio. The first thing I noticed about him was…

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The first thing I noticed about him was… his violet eyes, they were full of mischief and mysteries. Something about them made me wonder what his life was like. Then he blinked, making realize what I had been doing. Blushing in embarrassment, I stood quickly. Accidentally bumping into…


Accidentally bumping into…him. I could feel my blush spread even further as the half drunk coffee I was holding slipped open from the force, and the creamy brown drink scissored all over a stranger’s shirt and mine. Oh of course, how could I not bump into him? It was a small coffee shop patio in close quarters and he had just gotten up to move.
“I’m so sorry-” I began.
“No don’t be, I was in your way,” he said, an apologetic smile gracing his face, “but my place is just a stone’s throw from here. Why don’t we go and dry off? I feel like I’ve seen you around before…”


“Nope,” I replied quickly. “My place is closer. Like, a lot closer than wherever your place is, I mean…”
Come on, girl, string those thoughts together! “Closer,” I finished, lamely.

He laughed, and I couldn’t help but notice the way those eyes looked like violet gems against fall leaves. Like flowers blooming inside, much prettier than my own brown-as-mud pair. “It’s okay,” he said, reaching down to fleck away a drop of coffee from his shirt. “It’s just a little coffee.”

“Right,” I said, but my eyes were still on the stranger’s shirt. Sure, it was basically gorgeous and fit in some very snug ways, but the fingertip still resting on the stain was what caught my attention.

Why was the stain fading away?


huh it really is fading . i looked up to meet his eyes . he smiled at me but his eyes weren’t they were cold .the cold eyes hurt me. i wanted to ask how but i held myself back .something about him was dangerous my instincts told me .and believe me my instincts are never wong. i inched back from him .he stared down at me . i felt chills run through my spine .he put his hands around my waist and pulled me closer . i pushed against his chest bt he didnt budge. let me go i yelled .my eyes darted all over the room . the cape was crowded but no one seems to notice us , no seems to hear me yelling. what on earth was going on?


When yelling didn’t work, I lifted my leg up, pretending to kick him. I could feel him ready to stop me, and in that moment I rotated my left elbow around and right into his throat. He stepped back and started coughing. My gaze shifted away from him as my feet pounded against the ground, running with as much speed as possible. Shades of violet flew past me like waves crashing down, but I ignored it and continued to run. Suddenly I felt something hit my leg and I tripped, coming toppling down landing face first on the stone floor of the coffee shop patio. The man was there too, his hand gently touching his neck as he…


…pulled me up with the other and stared straight into my eyes. “Let me go-” I screamed one last time, but he refused to budge. “I know you. I’ve seen you around. Shy, quiet girl at school that stays in their shell? There’s no need to freak out just because I saw you and happened to be a bit close…” he said, anything to try and make it seem normal again. My heart beat in my chest, I didn’t really know what to say. “Scared me…that’s all…” I said, then added, “maybe you’re nice. I don’t know. But I don’t think I’m ready for anything now…you really did scare me bad. I’m not ready for anything now I don’t think…”


He smiled again, but I was too busy trying to figure out how he knew me. Did he know my name and where I lived? Why did this violet-eyed stranger know anything about me at all?

Then another thought occurred- was he stalking me? What was one supposed to do when stalked? Scream for help, or was it keep your head without screaming it off? Another look at the man revealed a half-filled smirk as he observed me, head cocked and both arms folded over his tee. Other than the violet eyes, nothing about him screamed ‘dangerous’.

Maybe they were contacts?

He snapped his fingers once he saw me watching. “Convinced I’m not about to kidnap you?”

I nodded, taking a deep breath. I looked back at the cafe. They would probably replace the coffee I had spilled, right? Because if there was something I needed to calm a racing heart, it was more caffeine.

Yes, coffee was out of the-

“I’d hate to break it to you,” he added, his skin glowing brighter and brighter, “but you’re going to have to come with me.”

I glanced downward at my own skin, which was glowing too. The glow began covering both of us, making him harder to look at by the second. He didn’t seem to concerned I would run away- just stood with both arms folded. Obviously, he was underestimating me.

I had a plan, and even if it was the most crazy plan possible, I was going to try it.


I I swung my leg over nearby bike, which began glowing as soon as I touched it. The man- was he even a man?- arched an eyebrow. I pushed forwards as much as I could, straining to peddle. The lock suddenly fell over and I slipped forward.
I was just a half a meter away from him, but I pushed as fast as I could go, headed straight towards the man.
And then I went through him. Everything was cold and wet for a moment until I emerged on the other side, cold autumn wind whipping in my face. I turn around. The man was rippling, like water when you touch it.
“Wait!” he called. his voice sounded as though it was coming from a long tunnel.
“Why should I?” I yell back, somewhat foolishly.Okay, very foolishly.
“Because-” Now his formerly smooth voice sounded as though there was water in his mouth. “Because I know something you don’t!” I should run. Bike off into the distance. Pretend it never happened.
His violet eyes became clearer and clearer. Panic arose in my chest.
“And it’s the difference between life and death.”


I turned, the innocent little suburbia staring right back at me. Just a few more metres and I leave this madness behind. When suddenly-
The air shimmered and I saw the world become dimmer and fainter. There appeared two portals, in one there was my mortal body, scruffy, but otherwise intact, trapped in a cage and drumming my fists on the walls, trying to get out, a look of terror upon my face. In the other there was myself, but my skin was glowing and shimmery, just like he was.
He walked over, his skin showing the same opalescent hue.
“I’m sorry, but ever since you were born, you were marked as one of us. I have been following your every move the last few years to see when is the right time to tell you. And now…you must either accept our protection and our obligations, or…have to manage things by yourself…” he said, waving his arm at the two portals…

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What did he mean? I thought to myself, although within me I had understanding. I looked back to see him continuing to wave at the portals.
“So which one will it be?” He asked.
I sighed, in caffeine withdrawal. That did look like a nice coffee. I feel his presence and regain composure, in order to think this through. Avoiding coming to a decision is now not an option. My mother had always told me proverbially from a young age never to trust strangers. Was he that bad guy that takes people who were never seen again? The kind that offers children tainted sweets or locks a female jogger in their dungeon for months on end. Somehow, I just had to trust him, despite my troubled instincts.
“I- I,” I breathe. “I accept your protection”.
“Good one”. He replies. We both shimmer, deeper and more brilliant this time. He takes my hand and we head into the portal.


The world is bright. Too bright. I feel a searing pain in my eyes and a tightness in my chest-
then it all stops.
The world is bright. Bright blue grass, blinding white sky. I am standing in a field of some sort, the man beside me. Tall people are walking about, easily a meter taller than me. Their skin are various shades of blue, and their eyes are all saturated colors, almost neon.
They are dressed in creamy white, handing papers back and forth and stooping below trees- blue trees- to collect dirt. In front of us a little ways is a towering city.
I turn to the man. He has a smug expression of his face, as if I’m suppose to be impressed by what I see. This is too much to handle with caffeine.
“Where the hell am I and where’s the coffee?” I say forcefully. Well, as forcefully I as can mange.
The man laughs. Not a nice laugh, either, the kind of laugh you give when something supremely unpleasant is about to happen.
“You’re home.”


“What is this?” I asked, finally accepting there would be no coffee offered over the course of this conversation and that it may have to be just a ‘serious coffeeless conversation’ about things.
“We are the titans,” he said.
“The tall ugly naked monsters that stomp around and eat buildings?” I gaped.
He chuckled, “No. That’s just a myth we tell mortals so they don’t come looking for us. Tell them the nice things and they’ll go hunting for us everyday. That’s where the mermaids and fairies fucked up, and now they’re hunted by extremists because apparently their lifestyle is appealing in some way.”
“We exist in a different dimension to earth, but we are linked, and sometimes we do make frequent travels to earth,” he continued explaining, “usually one of us are born to our brethren from each other. But sometimes, mortals are marked by the enemies and we have to give them some of our power to save them from dying. You were marked some years ago and we gave you our protection. You could choose to accept it or remain mortal, but trapped. The only problem is, being one of us, makes us stick out to our enemies in some ways…”
I gulped, “who or what, are our enemies?” was all I asked.


“You’ll see,” was all he said. Probably sparing my brain, too, because even in my half-caffeinated state, I could tell certain things about this place were off. Okay, there’s blue skin and blue grass and their eyes were all freaking me out. But how was that man- that titan- lifting the thingamadoodle in front of him? With his mind? I couldn’t even make a whole sentence about this place, because I could only describe it with things I already knew.

I, however, didn’t have a clue who our mysterious enemies were or why they would bother an innocent titan buying some coffee.

Me. A titan. It was almost so ridiculous I had to laugh.

Mr-I-still-didn’t-know-his-name (or The Titan) studied me thoughtfully. “Well. You’re handling this well. You haven’t broken down into tears or sent yourself into hysteria. Good.”

Score one for me, I guess?

“You abducted me,” I said. “Might as well explain what I’ve gotten myself into.”

“All in good time,” he said, raising his arms. “All in good time.”

“Wait,” I said, pulling the palm of one of his hands toward me. “That cut. It’s just like mine, when I got it in the accident.”

“There was no accident.”

“Pardon? I almost died in that accident!”

“You thought you did.” He turned his palm toward me, so the symbol etched on it was in full display. “Do you remember that night?”

“That’s the whole point of amnesia!”

“Exactly.” He stared into the distance, apparently lost in thought. Or maybe he felt like blinding himself by looking at the white sky. “Matter is, it’s there. Proof before you ask me for it.”

“Well, okay…” I’m busy reconsidering all my life choices when he interrupts with- “You’ll be living here, right?”

“Wait, you abducted me-”

“I did not abduct-”

“-and now you just want me to look at all this Titan-ness and go ‘home, sweet home’?”

“You have a choice.” He stopped, running a hand through his hair. When would my own hand turn blue, like theirs? Or would it never, like a creepy Titan faction society? “But-”

“And here’s the but,” I grumbled.

“Would you stop interrupting!” he cried out. “This is hardly easy for me, either!”

“Let’s hear it, then.” I looked into his violet eyes, glinting more than usual under the white light. Was he crying? Why would this stranger cry for me? He took a deep breath, and spoke.

“Would it surprise you that it involves a prophecy?”


Have I ever read a YA book? Of course there a prophecy. I just never expected one to concern me.
I clear my throat, taken aback. “So-um, what’s the prophecy?”
The mystery man lower his voice, still looking away. “It’s called the Prophecy of the Morgi-Walker.”
“The prophecy of the what now?” I say indignantly. I expected something slightly more dramatic, like the “Chosen One”.
All the heads in the area shoot towards us. Pair after pair of odd eyes stare. I feel heat burning on my cheeks .
“Not here!” The titan grabbed my wrist and dragged me towards a squat blinding nearby. “Are you out of your mind? Rule number one-” He had let of me down and burst the door open. “-we don’t talk about the prophecy, ever.”
“Okay,” I rubbed my wrist awkwardly. The room was white, with round windows, a plain table, and a couple chairs. “Why not?”
“Because,” the titan stared at his hands. There were tears in his violet eyes again. “It means going against everything we know.”
I purse my lips. This new piece of information was needed, but still said nothing about the actual prophecy. I’m about to voice this complaint when the titan speaks again. “Remember when I said this makes a difference between life and death?”
“Well, the main person in said life-or-death situation is…”


“your twin sister-”
I felt my mouth gap open, “I have a twin sister-”
“Yes, have you never felt whole since the accident that happened about 3 years ago? The car accident you mysteriously survived and had amnesia from?”
“The hospital told me it was brief onset amnesia, only for those days and lasting a couple of weeks…” I murmured, thinking of that accident. Come to think of it, around that time was when I remembered seeing his face about.
“Well…us titans have lived in…relative peace for the last few years. And we have our own systems of power that are structured to protect us from harm or danger. There is one vulnerability though, the princess. About your age actually. If our enemies can get to her before she turns 18 they can put a magic bind to her that prevents her from accessing the throne, or takes a part of them when she does. They meant to put a bind to her, but instead mistakened you and your twin. You guys happen to look the same and titans can sometimes create an illusion of themselves next to them. They weren’t familiar with the mortal world, let alone twins, so they attacked you, thinking it was her. They had to take a detour through the mortal world to access us as they live in the underworld. They thought we frequently roamed the mortal world under disguise - we don’t, and that’s why they attacked you two. We were alerted and managed to intervene by making it look like a car crash. But in order to save you from their magic, we’ve had to swear you as one of us and give you a portion of our powers.”
I nodded, it was a lot to take in.
“Now you are part titan. As well as being able to be magically detected by them. Your twin sister was attacked more so we had to give her more powers to save her, and she needed training so she’s up here with us. We had to erase your memories so you wouldn’t know…but, we have received a prophecy that this mishap would help our kingdom not hurt us. And that you two have a very important role to play in future events to come. The prophecy of the morgi-walker is…”

Author’s Note: Sorry for the extreme length >< But I wanted to tie up some loose ends in this story so far aha >< So that’s why I wrote a bit :PP


(why is ‘morgi’ a town in Telangana, India? Why, Google?)

I felt a cold feeling settle into the pit of my stomach. “About me, isn’t it?” A laugh escaped, a short way away from becoming a manic giggle. “I already got kidnapped, thrown into a magic portal, and lost all my coffee. I mean, what’s a little death prophecy?” I looked up at him, wishing I was unnaturally tall or remotely titan-ish, so I could look this guy in the eye properly. “Um, it is a death prophecy, right? Or a I’m-destined-to-save-or-destroy-the-world kind of thing? Wait a moment-”

A new idea settled into my mind as He-Who-Still-Isn’t-Named gave me a mostly amused smirk. “Go on.”

“Hey!” A blush began glowing hot on both cheeks. “It just occurred- if my twin sister is the princess, doesn’t also make me the princess?”


“Just ‘yes’? No ‘yes, your highness’? Or ‘sorry for having spilled all your coffee, your highness’?”


“Suit yourself. Anyway, why was my twin sister the one they needed, not me?”

“You were not born marked for the throne-” He took a breath, about to say more, but stopped himself just in time. “So you’re a princess, but not the princess.”

“Nice way to put it. Okay, since we’re guessing- is the prophecy about her?”

“It’s about a member of the royal family, and that is all.”

Wow. How articulate. At this rate, the Morgi-Walker is more likely to be a second cousin that’s also secretly a magic goat than me. “What’s my sister’s name, most importantly? And yours? You probably know mine.” Jayla. It is the most amazing mouthful of a name I have ever heard, and it’s also my name.

“I know yours. Hers is Kiara.”

Apparently, we’ve thrown discussion of the life-or-death prophecy out the window.

“Okay, nice name… what about yours? Does it also rhyme?”

He shot me a surprisingly good death glare, considering his eyes were purple. “No. It doesn’t.”

I remembered his reaction earlier, when we’d begun this long talk about prophecies and lost princesses and titans. It was probably personal. That look he was shooting me? Definitely personal.

“Okay… so what is the name? Or do you go by numbers?”

“I also go by Your Highness, if you prefer.” The sentence was loose before he could stop it. He sighed exaggeratedly, then something flashed in his purple eyes and he stood straighter. Yep, I can definitely imagine people calling him Your Highness right now.

“No way, Your High- wait a second.”

“I’m waiting.” He leans against one of the walls, turning his head to the ceiling- eyes closed. This way, he almost looks peaceful. Almost human when his purple eyes are shut.

I ignore those other thoughts and press on with the important question here. “You’re not kidding me?”

“I kid you not.” Apparently, this isn’t one of those things he’s proud of. He sounds like he’s irritated with the title- like an itchy uniform.

“So…” Gears turn in my mind. “So if I’m also a highness and you’re a highness… and there’s only one royal family.” I look at him with an entirely fresh perspective. “Ew, are you my father?”

He gave me a startlingly similar look of disgust. “No.”

“The royal family, hmm…” I don’t know enough about this world, but I’m determined to use everything I’ve got. “So, technically, the prophecy could also be about you?”

“Technically.” He opened his eyes, and they were wet again. Before meeting him, reading eyes- even purple ones- seemed easy. Well, figuring out what was going on with these was like trying to decode… well, code. “The Morgi Walker translates to Morning Walker, in English. The one who walks in new light.”

“Well, at least no one dies…right?” Why does he look like he’s on the verge of a nervous breakdown? I debated between asking him to sit down or maybe take a few deep breaths, but he held a hand up to silence me. Let me show you something. His skin became harder and harder to look at, a harsh glow that rivalled the glow of the sky outside. The edges of his form vibrated faster and faster- and then the glowing outline opened a mouth and spoke.

“I am the Morgi-Walker, Kieran Daun, and I am your brother.”

Drat. That’s long.


I know right. It’s hard to make it short when we pick up of a bit where a plot-thing is supposed to be revealed

Two siblings? In the space of this time I went from only child to having two siblings? Then I had another question, “earlier on…you said the enemies were looking for the real princess who’s in…your world. But they thought it was us, two mortals who were twins. That means we’re not descended from royalty aren’t we? Just mistakened for it…” And I’ve yet to meet the real princess I thought.
“Biologically you may not be related to our royal family,” Your Highness said. I was getting used to it, it was easier and easier to call him by it now, it seemed to suit him in a way. “But we don’t see things from bloodlines. They are just filmsy ties that tie us together. Yes, there is the biological family. But there is also the family that has been marked out by the prophecies to live their fates and destinies together. That is you, your twin, and I…I am both a biological member of royalty and…involved in a prophecy…”

He stopped talking about the scene changed. It was a fiery scene in a huge field of knotted grass, originally green but now tinged orange with the reflection of the flames. In the centre was a giant burning portal, with flickering red and orange flames emerging from it. Fires lit the wheatfields all around. A mixture of cottages and space shuttles and what looked like civilisation crossed with sci-fi scattered around the place, caught up in the inferno. There was a bunch of mythological creatures all around, trolls, goblins, dragons, chimeras, a lot I didn’t eve know existed. They were all in various stages of dying or injury from battle it looked like.
“The final end to our kingdom…” he murmured sadly, “is what the prophecy allows us to see. We thought it would be all bleak and over but…” and then the space blurred and three figures bathed in light walked towards the portals, “the morgi-walkers,” he whispered…