Contribution based publishing deal?

Hi guys!
I’ve been offered a “contribution-based” publishing contract.
They’re asking for £2,700 (I’m in the UK but its a worldwide company) contribution to publish one of my books.
The contract looks legit and it is my absolute dream to be able to publish my book “properly” if you know what I mean.

Question is - does anyone know if this is “okay”? I’m a bit hesitant because a) I dont have that kind of money just lying around, it’s a LOT of money to invest, b) I feel like I shouldn’t have to pay to be published and c) they aren’t going to edit them themselves/get an editor; I have to do this myself.

Now, with all that in mind, I have sent my manuscript to other “traditional” publishers, and I have time to think about what to do.
Obviously, I’m hesitant for reasons above, but it’s equally my dream come true.

Can anyone give me any insight?


This seems fishy to me…
If I were you I wouldn’t, unless you hire an agent and run it by them first. Also I wouldn’t sign any contract without an agent for that matter.

From the research I’ve done. You don’t pay to have your book published unless you’re self-publishing… The reason you don’t pay to have your book published is as follows: If you 're a writer, then writing is your job. People get paid to do their jobs—nurses get paid to nurse, ditchdiggers get paid to dig ditches, and writers get paid to write.” (Source)

Also; “The publisher pays you , the author, for the rights to publish the work. Hire a company to help you publish your book . There are thousands of publishing services out there, some cheap and some expensive. But the main thing they have in common is that they charge the author to publish .” (source)

I would continue sending your manuscript to other reputable publishing houses instead.


This is exactly what I’ve found so far. I’m also very, very hesitant to part with my money :rofl: I’m also veering on not to because well, shouldnt they be editing it too? Especially if I stump up my hard earned cash!
I’m tempted because, well, obviously, publisher. :stuck_out_tongue:

I think hearing someone impartial saying that has told me my answer :stuck_out_tongue:


It isn’t Austin MacAuley, is it?

Two words, the second of which is “off”.

I’ve never yet come across a “contribution-based” or “hybrid” publisher that wasn’t just a vanity press trying to jump on a bandwagon. Whenever a company says something like “We sometimes ask the author to contribute some of the costs of publication,” “sometimes” invariably means “always” and “some” invariably means “all.”


It’s Olympia publishing if you’ve heard of them? They apparently offer traditional publishing, but if they feel the work isnt to “traditional” standards, they offer a contribution-based offer.
A quick look on their website makes it look legit, but I really dont want to part with my money, because like above, shouldnt I be paid to my job?!

I think I’ll just keep scouring traditional people. :rofl:

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Yeah its weird…

But after looking more into it, it seems the three ways to publish are: Land a traditional publisher who will offer you a book contract, Hire a company to help you publish your book (which it seems that is what this company is trying to get you to do) and self-publishing.

In my opinion, I wouldn’t take the deal. You can get more bang for your buck if you sought out a better publishing company or go the self-Pub route.


Yeah, I think thats what I’ll do. I mean, to be fair the contract looks legit, as does their website and all of that, but Im just like: eh?
My husband said “surely writers deserve better” so I’ll send an email back to that effect :rofl:


I’ve heard of them. My opinion of them isn’t suitable for display on a website where children might be present.


The first thing I saw when I looked up Olympia publishing was…

“No reputable, ethical publishing house with a genuine publishing programme would ever ask an author to pay anything.”

So no, I would not choose Olympia publishing just by briefly searching them. More than likely there is a better option for you out there! Plus you deserve something better than that. I would just keep doing your research!


I’m late to the party, but I agree with everyone else. Avoid. I might even call them “high end” vanity publishing… but it’s still vanity publishing, and it’s still a way to part you from your money.


£2700 buys you a top class editor, a talented cover artist and someone to format the files for publication and leaves you with change. Olympia will not get your book into bookshops and will not get it reviewed anywhere influential. Save your money


Three reasons against this vanity publisher. Most writers consider them a scam, and I tend to concur…


No publisher would ask you to part with money,
Just like no bank will ask for you for a pin
cold calling is the same on every format.


Run. That is all. No traditional publisher worth their salts would ask you to pay. Furthermore them asking you to even pay shows that apart from making a quick buck they most likely don’t even have the money required to produce industry-standard content. Are they going to pay for editors? (a house would usually have more than one of these that specialize in developmental and or copy editing) Artists, Marketing personnel, etc. Like its been said before, they can’t get you into book stores or even get it in front of eyes so don’t even expect royalties from sales and you wont get an advance because…vanity presses don’t pay that, you would be paying them an “advance” though and that’s no bueno.