Cool fantasy jobs?


I enjoy reading about these too :relaxed: It’s a fun way to learn about the fantasy world they’re in.

Like, reading about a dragon slayer is cool, but reading about the poor guy who’s sent in to clean up the village after a dragon attack can also be interesting because it’s a fresh perspective.

I cant remember the title at the moment, but there’s a book along these lines that’s pretty rad because of it (the book follows a janitor on a spaceship that ends up being the only one who can save the day).

These characters are usually more relatable too, which is a bonus.


One of my antagonists is a researcher who develops magical items-called tevisrals on my world. I have another side character doesn’t strictly have a “job” per say. He’s a member of a tribe up in a mountain range near a ancient ruined city full of magical items and he’s suppose to keep people out of the valley where the city is located. He pretty much has to hunt any foreigners who come near the valley and string them up on the mountainside as a warning. I have another guy that’s a curator of a vault full of powerful magical items that have seen been listed as contraband throughout his kingdom.


Love this, see if I can think some up.

Orb replacer - A lot of the worlds power comes from orbs which will need replacing once diminished.

Energy tester - The orbs of each species comes with a different energy (general power, medicinal etc.) They’d need someone to test the orbs to see where they’d be of best use

Scouts - Not in the general sense, these would go out in search of beasts that have turned feral.

Professional Cave dweller - nothing to do with the story, just made that up. But now I can use them whenever my characters enter caves :slight_smile:


I was playing Red Dead Redemption today, and it made me want to write a book about a Snake Oil Salesman, a “doctor” who makes his living selling fake medicine that actually hurts his patients more often than not. Only in this story, snake oil medicine would be a legitimate, but highly risky, practice that has more than a little crossover with being a witch doctor. He uses magic to make miracle medicines, but if done wrong it can kill whoever takes it… or worse.


There’s a cryptic zookeeper in my book. Lucky owner.


Well its kinda cool but not really a job that my character does. He is an elephant’s guardian spirit, so defends the elephant and does whatever it commands to do but he doesn’t have a choice because his soul was sold to it. It’s like slavery than an actual job. He can’t be killed or seen by anyone and he can’t kill or interact with anyone. There are some mundane tasks involved like scratching the elephant’s back and stealing peanuts but also he gets to haunt poachers which is kinda fun I guess.


Like Tony Jaa in The Protector?


I haven’t seen that movie so I don’t know maybe.


He does a job that involves protecting the elephants because they’re most vulnerable from below while in war and his elephant gets taken and he goes to get it. Lots of martial arts goodness begins.


I see. Except my character has no choice but to do what the elephant commands him to do.


How do they communicate?


The elephant holds his soul in its trunk so it can call him whatever it wants. For example if the elephant is eating leaves from a tree but can’t reach the highest ones, call the spirit and have him pick the leaves out for it.


Anyone who has to clean up after fantasy animals. Can you just imagine how big the dump of a dragon is? Especially if they’re like pigeons and do it whenever they please wherever they please.

Sure, it’s not the coolest but it’s pretty interest to think about.