cool superpowers that are KIND OF original?

okay, so i’m currently writing a story that involves a group of girls with different powers. (gayness ensues, but that’s not the issue.)

my MC, named nova, has the gift of Astro projection, and she also analyzes her surroundings very well subconsciously (like, she can notice things without even looking directly at them) i feel like this makes her interesting, as the story is in first person (present tense).

trinity, her roommate, is a carnivore and can become feral from time to time. she’s eaten people before, needless to say. but what’s a way to make this particular “skill” more… interesting?

could anyone name any other powers that aren’t overused but super useful? by overused, i mean shapeshifting, invisibility, mind-reading, copying one’s power, mind control, super strength, and so on.

thanks! x

a “seer” of sorts they can see into the future/ past? idk I’m not good at super powers just thought I should say something

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i think a seer that can see into the past is a good one. thanks!


you’re welcome

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The ability to wake up and instantly be ready. (Like dressed, make-up (if it ensures) etc.)

The ability to see in infrared/night vision. But infrared is cooler. It would make a game of hide and seek so much better if you’re the seeker.

The ability to paint the future/change the future just by thinking about it. This could be a troublesome ability as it could have catastrophic consequences for other characters.

The ability to make time go backwards. Kind of goes hand in hand with the one above.

The ability to make people feel emotions when you are near them. So say there’s a little girl crying about her ice cream dropping on the floor, the character could touch them (accidentally knock them) whilst thinking of an emotion, say happiness, and the little girl would then be happy and forget about the ice cream.


omg i wish i had the first one!

i love all of these, but the last one you mentioned is awesome! thank you so much! X

Same though! Glad I could help you out!


Protagonist, Cyra, has a range of powers

Though their main power which is embraced towards the middle of book 2 is to devour.

While at first, she would need to be in her demonic state to activate such a power, eventually she becomes so powerful that she can morph parts of her body. Specifically it is shown that she morphs her hand into a claw to make use of her main offense without the need for a full transformation.

If she devours someone, she gains their abilities, but this is almost never shown due to her personality. She pretty much just takes their abilities as a form of punishment, and would use it as a means of enhancing her own base abilities, though if she chooses, which is shown a few times, she can call upon her victims abilities.

This here classifies as her most deadly ability, since it means her power is limitless as a result, but her most powerful is an extreme magic which she almost never uses.

There are three stages

Stage 1

She targets a range area, and stands high above in the air, barraging them with lightning,

Stage 2

She uses a successive combination of attacks, then launches an enemy into the air binding them in lances within an electrical barrier. Then she stands high in the air and hits everything in a large area with lightning. This is used only once

Stage 3

Used only once as well

It’s revealed that she has the ability to destroy an entire world, this is a form of punishment, and is used only once as to emphasize a point. Lightning as well.

Let’s see

Extreme regenerative abilities

In short she’s designed like a berserker.

The berserker part is shown in book 1

Book 2 and 3 shows her true power.

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in a short story i wrote way too long ago and should probably publish, my MC cory could manipulate water. sure, that’s boring, but she ended up using it to completely dehydrate people she didn’t like and turn them into man jerky my mind is very morbid ok



I also have a character who can see past of places. Depending on the emotions (hatred, death, happiness) and how strong they are, the pictures are either clear or foggy. Of course, if a big massacre happened at that place, the memories would be enveloped by haze and more on symbolic-side.
It strains the user and can cause fatigue. Hitting their head makes them unable to use this ability for some time.

The other ability I think is cool, are eyes capable of seeing energy-paths. It’s kind of like chakra (to provide an example) inside of all beings and Earth. All beings are able to leave some “footprints” that are otherwise completely invisible to normal beings or supernatural too (this depends on how much they are sensitive).

Even if this is mind reading power, how about some twist? The Reader has to be close to the target or has to enter a certain state to make the connection. It could have time or distance limit. Perhaps it makes the Reader hungry really fast.

Superstrength can have side effect too. What about the person builds it inside of their bodies (with or without knowing it), and if they won’t use it, they can be in pain? Like they are forced to do exercises to prevent it and the more strength they use, the longer it takes to recharge.

I hope this will help a bit :slight_smile:


yooooooooooooo arlo is such a cute name like wtf

lmaoooooo dehydrate ppl that’s actually pretty unique, i’ve never heard of that before! tysm :black_heart:

adding limits to powers is a great twist, i agree! i’ve actually written down that i wanted to have limits to these powers to make them more realistic. don’t want to give the MCs too much power, or there won’t be a story.

the energy-path one is cool, so is the one where you can see a place’s past. very unique powers! thank you so much! X


thank you! i think morphing body parts is cool!

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In all honesty that was one part from my original vision that went differently lol.

Though these powers are spaced out through the books, it’s only towards the final few chapters of the series where they have access to a massive range of powers. This here is all plot convenience, to show just how far they have gone. To embrace their selfish desires, and imperfection.

Which at the end, even though they did win, they lost. They knew it would take a very long time for them to face up to everything they had done, so they chose to have their memories sealed away. Which was for about 900 years before one of the main characters decided she was ready to know the truth of what happened. This takes place after the events of book 1.

So it goes

Book 2, Book 3, Book 1

You are welcome :heart:

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Turn objects into un/lucky charms by touching them. It wears off after a while.

Someone who can grant someone their greatest desire if they touch his/her skin. So s/he has to cover him/herself up so they don’t touch someone accidentally.

Someone who never talks. And when they do, they only speak in the form of a cryptic allegorical tale that depicts the future.

Someone who forces everyone around them to tell the truth. It’s not something s/he can turn off.

Someone who takes on the form of people’s worst fears, so different people see something different when they look at him/her. Can’t turn off.

Someone who turns into an unstoppable killing machine after consuming someone’s blood. The fervour doesn’t stop until they kill the owner of the blood.

A lot of these powers are magic based rather than sci-fi based…sorry.


these are awesome! thank you so much. the last one is metal af

The main superpower system in my book is blood transmutation stuff courtesy of hematologist aliens. If they have these aliens in their bodies, they’ll be ageless, immune to illness/infection and physical pain, and granted superhuman strength, agility, regeneration, and various superpowers. Corpses that are given these aliens will become some sort of zombies.

Depending on the aliens’ specialties, the powers can be anything. As long as you don’t run out of blood, you’re good.

There is such a thing as summoning nagas (snake people) of various sizes and powers, transforming own fingers into stretchy snakes, and coating own body in tough scales. Can also unsummon the nagas by forcing them to shatter (they’re more like porcelains than an organic being) and inhale/consume the remains to replenish own blood supply.

There is shadow manipulation in the upcoming arc. The wielder can “melt” into shadows before transforming into anything, including a shadow copy of the foe. The weakness is that shadow can’t exist without light, but the proud wielder doesn’t call himself “Lightbringer” for no good reason… Yes, he can summon an orb of light for illumination by himself.

Then there is also barrier power that has been teased in the previous arc. For now, it’s just auto barrier for defensive purposes, but later on there are barriers for offensive purposes. The wielder can shatter the barrier at will or let the foe smash the barrier to counter with a shock wave and a barrage of super sharp barrier shards. The barrier can also be infused to the body to greatly increase physical strength and durability.

Other power system that is about to play a major role in the upcoming arc is the “Overheat System.” Now, no blood is required, but every time the wielder uses a superpower, some heat will be added to the system. Overheating will disable everything and reduce natural durability for a while, but in some cases, the wielder can keep going with a lot of extra speed.

However, Overheat System comes alongside “Heat Converter” and “Cold Converter.” The former absorbs any heat-based attacks (fire, lightning, etc) and converts them into heat, while the latter absorbs any cold-based attacks (water, ice, etc) and helps cooling off the system.

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