Cool trailers


Who needs trailer for their book??Am here…smiley faces…hearts…




The trailer I made for my book “Maybe its you and me”


No, I mean it would be easier for you to get “clients” if you showed an example here in your thread.


Could you make a trailer for my story Until the End?


I would love a trailer for my book FORBIDDEN TO LOVE YOU!


Hello… Im interested in having cool trailers…

here’s the link to my book:

Let me know if you can? thanks in advance! :slight_smile:


Could you do a trailer for me?


I would love to see samples of your work.

I’m looking to do something for After the Bees.


Hey i would love to have a trailer for my book! Please do let me know
My story-Silver Bullets


You have a very good point. There are also trailers that would be hard to do. If you were able to do one for A Caregivers Last Lesson, I’d be impressed.


My story could use a trailer, it is a tough one because it is korean-