Coping with feelings of depression


At a low point in my life and I’m wondering what other mature Wattpad users do to manage their own feelings of depression. Can’t afford therapy atm and my hobbies just haven’t been engaging to me. I’m sure there are others who have been in similar positions.

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Sorry you’re feeling down.

Don’t think I know what that’s like: I feel deeply sad for good reasons, such as betrayal by a friend or breaking up with someone I loved. But it’s not the constant, crushing weight that my relatives and friends describe.

When I’m really low, I take it one thing at a time.

Get out of bed. (Victory)

Make coffee. (Victory)

Sit down and actually write something. Press SAVE. (Victory)

Eventually, I fight my way back into the epic of my life, but it’s not easy and it takes time.

So– good luck and I wish you well.


i write poetry when I’m depressed. I just let it all flow out onto good old pen and paper.

Sometimes I sit in a room on my own, music in the background and I’ll color in some coloring books.

Sometimes I just sit there and think about everything that makes me unhappy and think of things I would like to do to make me happy again.

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I cry, vent my anger when I am truly depressed.
Depression has nothing to do with one’s maturity. It just swallows your sanity. It’s truly debilitating. You feel worthless, even though in reality, it’s really not your fault.
How you manage it?
That’s truly up to you. You can ask your heart. If you have real life friends, kindly talk to them. If you have understanding siblings/parents, then you’re in luck. Just don’t lock yourself in your room, that’ll destroy you. Go out. Talk with people, socialize. Breathe nature. Live for yourself. Become a little selfish for once. Just don’t stare and talk to your walls.
Write. Write when you are depressed. Cry, scream. Do something. Just don’t stay quiet. So what? People will consider you crazy (they consider me crazy). Well… they see what they want to see.
You don’t need therapy. You just need space, space to breathe, to think, to rationalize. Depression is an illness, but it’s curable. Just don’t stay alone for long. Take your time… there’s no rush. Life’s too short. Savor it. Fully.
It’s hard, but I know you’ll be fine, eventually. :slight_smile:
Best of luck dear.


I also write poetry when I am depressed, for me the most important thing is that I shouldn’t listen to sad music. It’s very comforting but you won’t get out of that dip. I have a cat, so she also really helps me. I can hug her and otherwise I’d hug a pillow. I’ll also make myself a cup of tea and talk to my friends online. I think I’m pretty used to being down so it doesn’t phase me anymore. But I hope you get help and that you’ll feel better!


learn as many new things as you can!! my OCD was the worst it’s ever been before i went to university. now i have so much to study that it doesn’t bother me as much anymore. i still have bad days, but keeping my brain focused on other things helps a ton. soooo in short, mindfulness. :slight_smile:

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I feel you on the depression thing. It can seem to be an insurmountable hurtle every minute of every day.

I’ve had a terrible summer. In fact my whole year has been total crap. But by far the crown jewel in my crap fest of a life is the fact the my wife of fifteen years passed away due to complications in a medical procedure.

She’s gone.

I face that fact everyday.

There is no escaping that simple fact for me. I know how hard it can be. You just gotta keep going. Keep getting out of bed. Go furrher than the couch. Eat somthing. Make someone laugh. Give a child a hug.

Keep it simple. Take each minute and the small eternity it represents and make the best of each one. Dont over think it. If possible…dont use your mind for thinking.


Remembering that’s for sure there’s someone out there in the world feeling the same way as you are is really a wake up call. It helps me in ways that sometimes i can’t understand. It might feel bad right now but keep in mind that nothing lasts forever.
That whatever you’re feeling will go away as soon as it come. Keep fighting is the right thing to do. Don’t let it win.

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Cuddling really helps. For me, at least.
If you don’t have a person to cuddle with (like me) grab a pillow and get cozy with a fluffy blanket. You’ll fall asleep eventually and when I wake up, i feel better.


Hi :slight_smile:

Depression sucks, I know because 1) I’m a psychiatrist, and 2) I did struggle with depression years ago.

There are countless ways that could help with your mood, but unfortunately they do not cure depression. I highly recommend seeking therapy. I do understand that you can’t afford at time being, but if you had an other illness, wouldn’t you seek a doctor?


I usually cry and let it out. Then I find showering or taking a bath calming. I then like to listen to music and do what I genuinely enjoy doing, writing, dancing, reading even cleaning my room helps

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Depression never really “goes away”, if you will. I used to have it strong when I was 11-13 and it went away. Now I can slowly feel it creeping back and it’s worse. This time I think it comes with anxiety/panic attacks, but since I’m no professional, idk what to call it.

It really sucks, you feel everything and nothing at times. Sometimes you just feel like what’s the use of anything, even though you know in the end it will pass.

What I do/did to help cope with it is interact with people and find something I like. In short, just find something that takes your mind off it, something that doesn’t allow you to think…let me rephrase that: find something where you’re so busy doing that, that you forget about your depression. Don’t stay in your head for the love of God, it will literally make you go crazy if you just listen to what’s inside your head. Talk to someone who you trust. That doesn’t have to be a therapist or your family or your friend. I know you mighy be scared that someone will find out and try to invalidate your feelings, but you have to know that it’s not your fault. You’re stronger than your illness and it will get better I promise you.

You can defenitely talk to me of you want! I sleep pretty late anyways and am on my phone quite often at work so I will listen. (I’m 17 btw, idk I feel like age similarities also make it easier to talk about what you’re going through cuz sometimes it can be uncomfortable talking to someone outside your age group).

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Hi, I’ve suffered from depression for quite a while now, and I try to manage it with counseling, but as you said, that isn’t plausible at the moment. What has helped me the most is figuring out a coping mechanism that works for me. For me, its drowning out everything with music and writing what I’m feeling. It helps me to feel better knowing that I’m channeling my depression into something creative that I can learn from. Also, sorry to bring back up an old thread, but I’m really passionate about mental health, and I love meeting new people who have struggled through some of the same things that I have, helps to not feel alone in it! :relaxed:

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I’m so sorry. My brilliant author husband got a hideously malignant tumor in the speech and language area of the brain, spent his last two years valiantly battling to finish his last book, and passed away five years ago.

You have my sympathy.

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I don’t know if some here are struggling with real biochemical depression, or with situational depression. Treatment resistant depression is horrible. (Naomi Judd had it and wrote a book about it. Harrowing!!)

But…if it’s a situation in your life…

It’s taken me four miserable years, but I have spent those years understanding how and why the situation has come about the way it has, and what it means. Helpful to me: EVERY BOOK about my childhood issues I could possibly lay hands on. And…would you believe…astrology?

Astrology has helped me so much, I have begun studying the discipline myself. It highlighted problems from childhood I had that I didn’t even realize WERE problems, and the areas upon which I needed to work. It also showed me the paths ahead for my future. Two of those were VERY VERY bad. So I could see the healthy choices I would need to make if I wanted the good path.

Working on those right now. (And writing up a website and a novel about the experience.)


I take Wellbutrin but it’s not working as well as it used to. Take a walk preferably in nature. Go some place with animals (cats, dogs,etc) and pet them.

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I am feeling down as well and would like more friends and want to receive help.


This time I think it comes with anxiety/panic attacks, but since I’m no professional, idk what to call it.

I really feel this. Now in my 20s, you begin to realize how common and natural depression is. Some people are built this way and function. Anxiety and panic attacks can assist depression more often than you think, and usually requires a diagnosis for any medication. However, higher doses of some anti-depressants, such as Prozac, treat panic and anxiety disorders, if you ever need to look into something.


I am now in your presence.


I’m struggling with biochemical depression right now. I experienced it as a teenager and was hospitalized, but it was treated, got better, and it went dormant. My partner of 10 years died in August of 2018, and that brought back my depression with a vengeance. They put me on one antidepressant and it didn’t work, so they added another one, and things seem to be improving a little, but I feel emotionless, and I have to struggle to remember my partner and my past before him. That part sucks, and I remember now why I went off antidepressants when I was a teenager–I had the same feelings. I’ll keep sticking with it for now, though. It seems better than self-destructive thoughts. I do want to be able to remember him though. I don’t know what I will do if I can’t.