Could someone talk to me about this?

So, I’m kinda struggling with choosing the genre of my upcoming novel. It’s about triplets who are separated at birth and in adulthood can meet eachother in their dreams. Mhm. That ain’t screaming any genre at you, is it? You may be thinking “well what am I supposed to do about your specific storyline.”, and yeah you’re right, but that’s not actually my question. My real question is will anyone actually read it if I set the genre as general fiction or teen fiction, or will I be safer tagging it as paranormal or fantasy with a well designed cover. Please comment, thanks for reading. :blush:

If there’s a fantastical element, it’s fantasy. General fiction is for reality-based stories.

It could be magical realism if the fantasy elements are very small and not the main focus, but I would label this YA fantasy.

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I think that paranormal would be better. Although I do think it would work closer with general fiction or teen fiction, people usually go there to look for romance novels.

Tysm, this is really helpful :smiley:

Ohhh right. Maybe that would work then. Actually, reading over some of my chapters I’ve realized that it is kind of told in the tone of a romance, so maybe general fiction would work for me. Thanks.

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You could remove or reduce the dream thing and make it a story about triplets separated at birth and you can have their lives compare and contrast without actually meeting.

Huh yeah, that would actually work.

If the book is taking place in adulthood, I don’t think it would be appropriate for teen fiction, especially since it doesn’t sound like it’s about teen issues.

General fiction would likely be best. Will people find it and read it? Depends on the tags that are used. Maybe paranormal would fit, but not so much fantasy, unless the setting calls for it.

Oh ok, tysm!

How are they seeing each other in their dreams?

Hmm you could do something like non fiction/inspired by. When you said triplets separated at birth I thought of this popular case:

just a heads up, general fiction doesn’t tend to do very well. if it has any fantasy themes (even if they aren’t evident immediately in the book), put it as fantasy or it would seem really random to the reader. fantasy/paranormal can kind of cross worlds, but with paranormal I think more of ghosty stuff

That’s kinda why I’m struggling, because I don’t know if I should treat that as a “it’s magic” situation (which would make it fantasy) or a “no that’s a thing you can do irl” situation, which apparently might be true.
What I’ve written it as though is like a guardian angel brought them together in thier dreams.

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id say paranormal but it could fit in a few others

Ohhhh. Right so tell me if I’m wrong but like fantasy is like Harry Potter kind of situation where magic exists and it’s normal and they follow the lives of charecters who know about it, and paranormal is set in a universe that’s just like our own, and it focuses on how crazy it is that paranormal things are happening, And little occasional poetic chapters about ghosts and stuff

pretty much! paranormal is anything that can’t be explained. so horror films about ghosts/spirits/demons haunting people is paranormal, like paranormal activity. yes, fantasy is much more magical, though it can still tackle mature themes. supernatural is similar to paranormal, but if I was stuck between para and super, I would use super as an umbrella term if there are things like witches, werewolves etc, if it doesn’t just focus on one thing


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That could be paranormal but it would fit into general fiction