Could you guess there personalities from these? ( will follow all who give opinion)


So I made some moodboards things for my characters, and I wanted to know if I did a half decent job attempting to display their personalities/moods. By looking at them boards, what do you think the character would be like? ( You can refer to them by color if its easier) I’ll permanently follow everyone who gives there “Opinion” on what they picture the character like.



They kind of all come off as hipster kids who’re into the underground scene and flowers. And they might be doing a ton of molly.

I’m really bad at these things.


For the first she is beautiful but shes very sad and troubled, theres something otherworldly about her and honestly all the white makes me anxious is she going to kill herself? is someone going to kill her? I NEED TO KNOW

Green is the bad boy and the water theme is upping the anxiety, is this supernatrual theme because thats the vibe he is also troubled and idk i dont like him.

orange is sensitive, the head above water is almost like he is hanging in there a bit better than the first too but still not happy he in an artist his eyes seem sweet, someone broke his heart im guessing.

Purple is someone I can hang with she takes no shit and lives in the moment we are bringing it back to the super vibe but she seems in control of her stuff

Pink I gotta love because shes Zoe but also your character is Fem AF she is big on the self love and im guessing these kids are all witches of some sort?

Yellow total hufflepuff.

I would date red, even if thats not what you are going for he is the bad boy you want to bed and you really should use it he probably is evil AF but idc he can kill a few bunnies if he can get some of that


First girl has some sort of power and is the rebel girl who never takes no for an answer and would rather kick down doors than open them.

The second is a guy who is reserved and judgmental, the outcast of group whose observant

The next guy is self conscious, but extremely loyal and sweet.

The next girl is the one every guy wants, but knows that she’s an independent woman who fierce and always gets her way

The next girl is feminine, but strong and opinionated, the underdog of a group because she’s girly. Like Elle Woods

The final girl is the “nerd,” but classy and sophisticated, appreciative of the older vibes

Red guy is dangerous one, but the one that charms you with wit before you realize that he’s the killer


They all look like they are some kind of mafia kids or something like that.

The first girl looks like a reckless daredevil. And al the girls seem to be tomboys. Bye the way do they have some elemental powers or what? If so, it looks like she has power of ice, kind of like frozen.

The green picture seems like someone with power over water. I think he is that bad boy with a sad past.

The orange one seems to be a clumsy person. But even he looks sort of sad.

She looks like the worst among them to me. Leader of the gang? Dare devil.

The pink one seems the most girlish among all of those and it’s not because it is pink. If they have powers he might be love.

The happy girl, but the outcast and misunderstood? I don’t know

The serious guy. And the bad boy.

I just gave it a try.
Let me know if it is even close to what you intended.


The Blue One is a Cancer. She has high degrees of empathy, and she feels everything on an intense level, but her still waters run deep. Nobody knows how she really is on the inside.

The Green One is a Virgo. He’s a natural-born cynic with a secret desire to fix all the things he feels are broken in the world. He gets in his own way a lot, but people look to him when they need a problem solved or a plan made.

The Orange One is tricky, but I’m gonna go with a Gemini. He hasn’t learned to cope with the voices in his head, so to speak. He’s worried about what people think of him. He has no clue that most people think he’s an okay dude. Rather, he feels the need to make some grand gesture, do something BIG so everyone knows his name—even if that big thing is something terrible. Infamy has the word fame buried in it.

The Purple One is an Aquarius. Not only is she your dream girl, but she’s your nightmare. The good news is, she won’t stick around long after you fall in love with her. She sees the world differently, so she marches to the beat of her own drum. Just don’t get in the way.

The Pink One is a Sagittarius or a Libra. I’m torn between those two. She’s secretly the life of the party, but is she the one who will talk you out of a fight? Or, is she the one who will ask you to hold her shoes while she slaps the boy who broke your heart? I’m leaning towards the Sag.

The Yellow One is CLEARLY a Leo. Everyone loves her, except for the people who hate her just because everyone loves her. The weird thing is, there’s nothing not to love. She’s smart, funny, caring, and will always be there for you. How can any human being be so goddamn good??

The Red One? We all know he’s an Aries. ‘Nuff said. :blush:

(I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE THESE MOOD BOARDS!!!) Also, I want to read this, so shoot me a link to my messages.)


Blue, troubled. Probably self harming or always sad.
Green, screams bad boy. He should be dangerous.
Orange, I have no idea. Maybe he has a carefree attitude.
Purple, badass girl.

Pink. Nice and sweet, everything good.

Yellow. Happy and smart.
Red. Deadly.


blue: i feel like she kind of lives in her own world, doesn’t share her emotions too much and is pretty chill
green: the bad boy who had a mysterious past
orange: is tired of thinking of the things that happened in the past, puts on an act to show people he’s tough, but is just really kind
purple: i feel like she’d use tumblr a lot and has a specific aesthetic (i mean for clothes, things she likes, the way she talks) and also is popular in school
pink: okay wait, she looks like she’s more popular than purple, loves makeup, is kind of spoiled but still kind and loving to her friends, maybe even protective
yellow: my favouriteee, kind of a nerd, but everyone loves her
red: mysterious, maybe a player

all these remind me of characters in the board game cluedo (idk if you know it). Hope i got at least one thing right, but this was judging a book by its cover really!


The blue one comes across as sassy, confident, cool, the look-it-in-your-eye, with an aptitude for winter season

The green one portrays someone with an affinity for the dark, green side of nature, a self-doubt, and one with the power to hoodwink people.

The orange one comes across as grumpy, dazed in the natural state of mind. One who has command over everything orange.

The purple one seems psychic, passionate, fearless.

The pink one comes across as a feminist who doesn’t take crap from anyone, loves ballet and has a taste for writing.

The yellow one comes across as a happy-go-lucky person. Full of sunshine and positive energy.

The red one portrays a don’t-care-a-damn, angelic face with a penchant for the dark side kind of person.


Blue seems to be a spiritual person. She wants to be unique and tries to find meaning in everything. She is cold but confident.

Green has lost faith in everyone and has a tendency to worry about stuff too much. However, he is very attached to something, which gives him peace and makes him happy again.

Orange is very confident on the outside and takes charge of everything. He doesn’t like to show his weaknesses and works hard to do well. While he is competitive about his skills, he also genuinely finds joy in them.

Purple doesn’t care about anyone else. She’s confident in what she does and loves to show if it off. If someone doesn’t like that, she doesn’t care. She does a lot of solo activities, not because she is forced to, but because she chooses to.

Pink is an activist of sorts. She’s not afraid of letting others know who she is. If someone else is being bullied, pink is the type to step in and put an end to it. But she’s not confrontational unless required. She is generally cheerful and well liked.

Yellow is similar to pink, but while pink tries to solve existing conflicts, yellow is the type to make them. She is confrontational and stands up for what she believes in. She often takes things very seriously and would not back down from a fight.

Red is an easy-going guy just trying to enjoy life. He doesn’t really like to argue about anything and prefers to go with the flow. He has fun, sometimes a bit too much. He doesn’t mind though, because this makes him happy.


I feel very biased on this since most are a part of the Shadowhunters cast.

Blue - fragile, dreamer, hurt, believes in magic, wants someone or miss someone
Green - self destructive, possible violent, pessimistic
Orange - harder surface but really a cinnamon roll
Purple - passionate, wilder (like isabell lightwood)
Pink - feminist, outgoing
Yellow - vintage likes aestethics, kind
Red - dark past may murder someone


Blue is like Ariel from the Little Mermaid - impulsive, a bit rebellious, curious to see what else is out there beyond her part of the world, willing to try everything at least once, but jumps in without thinking and can get herself in over her head that way

Green is like Prince Naveen from The Princess & The Frog - he comes from money and he’s an only child so he’s a bit lazy and vain, can charm the ladies easily and can also use them for his own gain, has a really good heart when you scratch through the surface nonsense

Orange is like Flynn Rider from Tangled - a bit of a trouble maker often found in detention from his immature antics, good sense of humor and fun to hang out with, thinks he wants no strings to hold him down but only says that because he’s afraid he’s not worthy of anything real

Purple is The Evil Queen from Snow White - she is gorgeous and so you might not realize that she is trouble if you get in the way of what she wants, she has an affinity for nature but only because she knows that despite its beauty it is very powerful and that’s what she wants to be - she is willing to use trickery to get her way

Pink is Rapunzel from Tangled - she is an extroverted introvert, a daydreamer, she can talk to anyone but really has a lot trapped inside her brain, so she loves to read and write, knows how to be alone, and while she loves girly things she isn’t some stereotype that needs a guy to save her

Yellow is Belle from Beauty and The Beast - she’s a bit nerdy and very optimistic, she always finds the best within the people around her, she doesn’t mind getting her hands dirty to do some hard work, been known to volunteer at daycares and old age homes

Red is Jafar from Aladdin - he has political aspirations, he became Student Body President by blackmailing his opponents and buying votes, he wants to go to law school,


Blue- likes mystery
Green -likes nature/animals more than humans
Orange - the nerd with an Asthma inhaler
Purple- goth
Pink - Princesss
Yellow - cheerful girl next door
Red -Bad boy with a sensetive side


Blue - brave, never backs down from a challenge. Believes in the supernatural and is curious about it maybe, and has a playful nature.

Green - mysterious, is bitter towards the world, maybe because of a past trauma? Wants someone to show that they’re good, but will believe it to be a trick if sees it.

Orange - hides pain beneath bright attitude and hard work, though has given up. Tries to keep up the battle but is finding it harder not to sink below the water and drown.

Purple - pretty much a bada**. Takes no garbage from anyone, and will pinch anyone who stands up to her friends.

Pink - bubblegum princess! No matter what anyone says, she will always see the light and helps anyone who is having a bad day.

Yellow - has so many causes that she may be drowning in them, but doesn’t care because the world is awful and she has to fix it. Kind to everyone except those who are stupidly racist.

Red - dark, adventurous, jokes a lot but is secretly angry at the darkness of human souls. Hangs around and gets drunk maybe eighty percent of the time.


I think blue is kind, tries to be brave and is known for it my her friends, but she has some kind of internal struggle that she feels no one understands her in that darker place.


@All Wow these are all so amazing I wasn’t expecting so much of a turn out, I am happy to say alot of you got really close to there characters.

I would like to point out for those who guessed and wondered there is a bit of a supernatural underlay Beause all seven of them are nephilim,(half human half angel) except for green who is a cambion (half human half demon)

The girls are all gifted with “Psychic” abilities Blue is a reader, she see’s thing but can’t always decode them and most of the time pushes them off as “Dejavu” Purple is the girl with all the answers, When Blue can’t figure out what it means pruple usually has the answers. Pink Is the logical one, she the “Adviser” of the girls. Yellow is known to read people and auras, to see the good, bad and evil in someone, as well as read and adjust some emotions.

The boys although they have some “Psychic” abilities, Green, can grow things (plants) but is also the comforter of the group (like a cozy sweater) Red, remembers everything, even when they aren’t his to remember and is “Protector” would do anything to protect his friends. Orange, is lost in translation. through his art he can predict death. he’s the knot that ties them all together.

I’ll also personally reply to each to let know what was right and what wasn’t so right about your guess! and all follows will be done by tonight!


Blue- Is definitely troubled and a bit otherworldly, as for the killing part, all I can say is her and death are rather close.

Green - Out of the group he’d probably be most considered the bad boy just because of his lack of control.

Orange - definitely sensitive, I wouldn’t say he’s doing better then the others, his troubles are just different. he is an artist, and his heart as defiantly been broken but not by romance.

Purple - That is pretty spot on actually, she definitely is a take charge type of girl, and compared to the first two does have a better grip of her self on the outside

Pink - I’d say shes about 85-90% fem, She is big on self love, for herself and everyone else. and they’re Nephlim except for Green who is a cambion (see my previous message for more info)

Yellow - I can see where you get hufflepuff, but she’d be more slytherpuff then straight hufflepuff

Red- probably the best answer ive seen to be honest lol. he definetly has the look and sometimes the attitude to be the bad boy, but Green actually is more the “Bad boy” then red.


Now, I am very scared that I will say something you didn’t want at all, but here I go anyway!
Blue… I’m not sure what to make of her. Somehow, she strikes me as a bit lonely - but the first picture, ‘I licked it so it’s mine’ makes me imagine that she also acts a bit silly.

Green seems a bit depressed, and alternative. Emo, maybe. Fan of at least ‘My Chemical Romance’, maybe ‘The Cure’ and ‘Green Day’. Really cool. He strikes me as this dark type you want to get to know, also because his comments are brilliantly cynical!

Then there’s Orange. Orange is such a warm and welcoming colour, but the text on top… seems a bit like a tumblr person, nice aesthetics. He seems someone who’s always wearing very comfortable hoodies.

Next, Violet. Wild girl, cool girl, rebel. I imagine her as a very strong character, clashing with Blue and Orange, but liking Green. Or the complete opposite - could be either one, really. Maybe she’s reckless and daring, always the first to come with some crazy idea of what to do.

Then we’ve got Pink. I don’t know what to make of her… maybe someone who’s a bit quieter, but worth so much! Very supportive, always giving really good advice. She might be the one keeping her group of friends together!

We’ve still got two, one of them being Yellow. Too happy sometimes, maybe hiding something. She’s been broken, or maybe she will be broken. She seems terribly honest and straight-forward, baffling people and making them shut up. Oh, and very sarcastic - but so very lovely!

Last but not least, there’s Red. Confused, angry. Hurt. Hot, maybe. Loves to read, but I’m not sure whether he’s a good or a bad guy. He could be both, really. Maybe he’s a bit of a player, a bit unfair. The knife certainly makes him seem dangerous!

Well, I hope that I helped you! Also, no need to follow me xD
Have a wonderful evening!


Love it!


Blue - She’s a Nephelim, I’m going to say for the most part that that is right, because she is rebellious, but she’s sneaky rebellious, she finds loop holes in everything so she cant actually get in trouble for it.

Green - He’s a bit of an outcast and very observant but not one to be judgmental

Orange - pretty much spot on with him, but although he is very self conscious he also fakes the hell of out of being confident.

Purple - this is pretty spot on as well, she is very independent and she comes off as fierce but underneath it all she’s very different.

Pink- mostly feminine but there is a very small part of her thats a bit of a bad A**, Elle woods would definitely be a spirit animal for her.

Yellow - She is a bit of a nerd, and does have an older vibe but I wouldn’t say sophisticated, or classy. she tends to be a bit of a tomboy and have the mouth of a Irish sailor

Red - Not quiet he does have the danger/bad boy vibe, but he’s pretty much just a pitbull in human form