Could you guess there personalities from these? ( will follow all who give opinion)


These were all pretty good guesses to be honest, on “Powers” subject all but the green are nephelim while green in a cambion, I kinda replied on that on post #16 Although they arn’t mafia kids, it was a pretty good guess since all of them have atleast one parent in the town “Council”

Blue - She does actually have tendencies to be reckless, because she wont think things through.

Green - actually pretty spot on he is the “bad” boy out of the group and does have a rather dark past.

Orange - Although he’s not clumsy per say he does have a sadness about him.

Purple - not the leader although she does have the qualities of one. not much of a dare devil though.

Pink - Out of all them she is definitely the most girlish.

Yellow - she’s definitely misunderstood.

Red - Although he has bad boy vibes he’s actually a sweetheart.


I have to be honest the fact you used horoscopes made my day I love it. I never actually think about birthdays or horoscopes for most of my characters so seeing this was amazing!

Blue - This is probably one of the most spot on guesses so far.

Green, Again pretty spot on, tbh

Orange - the first part was spot on, up to the grand gesture, although he’s still trying to find his footing he’d rather just fit in then stand out. since he’s already know for “disgraceful” to the town

Purple - this one was a little off, although she is a bit of a nightmare dressed like a day dream, and marches to the beat of her own drum she’s more likely to get her heart broken then to break a heart, she will however break a nose or two if you break her friends heart.

Pink - This one you had a few points on, she’s not really a party girl or a life of the party, but depending on her mood she’ll rather talk you out of a fight or will be the one needing held back in a fight.

Yellow - For the most part this is pretty accurate, except more people tend to hate her then love her, as very few people get to seem the smart caring funny side of her.

Red- I actually had to check out some Aries traits just cause I didn’t know them off top of my head, but pretty acurate lol

Thank you so much!, I’ll definitely message you once I have it up and running (still in super rough drafts right now, but will probably upload once I do some semi editing lol)


Blue: sorry, idk

Zgreen: social outcast or maybe antosocial or just introverted, a little mischevious in a sense, likes gardening and rocks???

Orange: bullied, a little insecure, gaining confidence, maybe depressed?

Purple: stopped trusting guys (unless she’s LGBTQ or something, sorry) because she had her heart broken in the past, a tad snarky, bold and outgoing

Pink: cheery, a little eensy bit sassy, a teensy girly, feminist

Yellow: also snarky and a bit antisocial/untrusting, unique, “cute”

Red: he’s been through some things, might be troubled, throws himself into studdies

Also get the vibe they’re all psychic mermaids

Sorry if this was all wrong or anything



  • calm and collected, yet cold and stern and not-to-be-messed-with.


  • mischievous, pessimist, tricky and never truly serious until a topic that he has a strong opinion about is brought up.


  • low self-esteem, shy and unconfident, and doesn’t give a shit about anyone else.


  • kind of hippy, doesn’t appreciate pessimism and bummers, and is the typical girl on the outside, but kind of a badass.


  • won’t stand your shit, confident in both her appearance and intelligence, and is really sassy.


  • generally happy and upbeat but also has some strange opinions that would surprise people who don’t know her, typical happy on the outside but kind of fucked on the inside (but not too much).


  • gets around (playboy type) and isn’t afraid to get dirty and solve problems with violence, cocky son of a bitch, serious and bruting yet occasionally can crack a very dark humoured joke.


Can’t wait to get to know you and your WIP! I’m pretty active on here, so you’ll see me around. :smiley:


All the pics have words like killing and poison and all that, so I thought might be in mafia.
But it could also be the influence of the book I recently read :wink:


Yellow girl quotes tumblr on the daily. She is more tomboyish and is definetly a Hufflepuff.


The first (blue) is a dreamer. The reason for that is that she actually wants to get out of this world. She can lose herself scrolling through aesthetic and picture-perfect lives of others on Instagram/Pinterest just to escape her own life.

The second (green) is much more down to earth, faces the ugly side of the world. He’s way more pessimistic, whereas the first may have at least a little hope.

Third (orange): a creative mind, still on his journey of self-discovery through some difficult life events

Fourth (purple): she’s brave, not afraid of the dark side and faces her fears head-on. Despite that, she still likes to take care of herself and dress up nicely. she also believes in more than meets the eye, something outside this universe. (If this is all meant for you as feedback on the moodboards, I think this girl would be much more fitted with a black colour. I also think it’s a little too much colour orientated; while it shows the differences between the characters (the next one in pink is much sweeter and girlier, I can tell immediately) there are often similarities between them too. Try to portray those as well.)

fifth (pink): a bit confused about this one. The pastel pink makes her seem girly and sweet, but the quotes don’t add up.

Sixth (yellow): same as the previous one. Yellow is a happy, positive colour, but from the quotes I sense a lot of sarcasm and the photos don’t give me much to go off, besides adding that yellow colour back in once more.

Seventh (red): this one is really strong! I see a rebel, daring. He’s strong with a soft side to him that he tries to hide.

If you want to improve on these moodboards, the feedback I could give you is to make it less color-orientated so you can focus more on the personality. The first three were really good, just like the last one, but with the others you seemed to run out of colours and you proceeded to choose a colour that didn’t fit the personality - or the pictures you chose and the quotes were the wrong ones.

But I see you put a lot of work into these and you’ve done an amazing job, really! This is a good place to start and of course, there’s always room to improve, but this is much better than most moodboards I’ve seen.


100%They seem pretty annoying to me tbh, like typical YA stereotypes


Azul sedutora, forte.
verde misterioso, enigmático.
laranja- bonzinho, solitário
roxo- linda, desinibida, dor
rosa- fofa, se importa com a aparência, delicada.
laranja- amiga, mulecona, despojada.
vermelho- intenso, dinheiro, sexo.

tentei não pensar muito, e escrevi o que de fato penso ao ver essas imagens. espero ter ajudado.


Blue: Ice cold and somewhat aggressively selfish but it’s really a front to cover up a soft, calm and vulnerable side. Perhaps something happened to her to make her act cold. She wishes she could escape that, but confronts it instead. She’s superstitious, and also likes to abide by the rules.

Green: This isn’t the life kind of green. This is a poisonous, toxic person who might’ve been the other kind of life-green at one point, but is now broken, upset, cynical and has put up a very toxic front to this. He distrusts people and has a lot of pent-up anger.

Orange: Puts up an almost artistically energetic front, but this is only a cover-up to the fact that he is depressed, hurt, and sees no way out. There’s barely a ray of hope left in him and he’s shut down to things getting better for him.

Purple: Hopeless romantic, but isn’t passive about it. She’s actually prone to some obsession, and despite all the romanticism, she’s pretty wild. She’s a temptress as well as a romantic, and has seen enough to have her feelings kind of hardened. This hardened, brave way of being, unlike the others, isn’t a front. Her softness is the front.

Pink: Seems cute at first glance, but this girl is tough. She’s competitive, and she’s merciless at it. Possibly lived a rough life, and despite the cuteness in the first impression, she’s got a tough front. She’s confident, and she’s wise to the ways of people. I’m guessing she has at least some sort of spiritual sensitivity. She’s also a creative type, and beneath the cute first impression and then tough girl front, lies a creative, soft, vulnerable person.

Yellow: If there are powers involved here, this one’s the powerful one. Something happened to her, making her act as though she cares about nothing now. To an extent, this is now true. Her vision of the world is distorted, but deep down she knows this. Her attitude of seeming to not care is due to the fact that she’s afraid she could become a monster like those who hurt her. In reality, she’s a simple girl, who would enjoy simple pleasures, very down-to-earth.

Red: He’s charismatic and charming at first… typical psychopath. He’s cold and calculating, and very educated… but also possibly a murderer. He’s romantic in flair, but not in feelings. He’s possibly at the very least hurt people psychologically in very bad ways, and he’s too far gone in this way to actually be redeemable anymore. He plays dirty and is a scheming manipulator.

(note that I wrote these before reading the rest of the topic. For authenticity, you know)


Pink is is a bit of a tomboy though she does of a girly side to her. She’d probably be in Ravenclaw or Hufflepuff if she went to Hogwarts


For the very first one, the blue, with the red headed girl. The quotes make me think she is funny, playful, but not quite comfortable in her own skin so she needs to break out and start new. She is gentle and caring and really just wants to be happy in her own life. The pictures below make me think she struggles with her own mental health but she is very open minded to everything.

The second one, the brown eyed boy in green, makes me think he really hates everyone. The quote in the middle states that he obviously doesn’t have a good family background and he blames his actions on his upbringing. But he doesn’t trust anyone and casts judgement fairly easily. The pictures below though they look amazing together, don’t really add to the story for me.

The brown eyes boy in orange is obviously struggling with mental issues, but he seems artistic, and maybe that is his coping mechanism to deal with all the pain. You can see the sadness in his eyes, and the quotes show it’s deeper than that as well. Maybe he just moved here and doesn’t like being the new kid and he is simply sad about it.

The purple girl obviously is the bad girl, but it’s a cover that she puts up. She doesn’t want to be the bad girl but she doesn’t want to get her heart broken again. So she distracts herself with her life events, trying not to take too many things seriously.

The girl in pink, doesn’t take crap from anyone and she if very girl supportive. She is powerful but possibly out of fear. She also seems kind of fun in the mario kart quote, and if that is her personality than I really like her. The images below make me think she thinks she knows a lot and tries to always give people advice.

The girl in yellow wan’ts everybody to be friends but she sees the evil in the world and had flipped a full 360 on that mindset. She wishes people would buck up and grow up and leave her alone.

The guy in red, I don’t like him. He is the bad boy to the max, always has to be right, always has to win, and always using girls for their bodies.