Could you win a fight against your story's antagonist?

Which villain from one of your stories could you win in a fight with?
Which one could you absolutely not win?

I’m curious yes

For me it’s:

None of them I’m a weak and lazy person

I can’t win against Empress Gwendolyn for she controls different elements.

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I can’t win against any of the main or supporting characters, it’s either they have superpowers or they’re supper smart. :sweat_smile:

Neither protagonist nor antagonist. They’re part of the mob :flushed::joy:

I can’t win against a mythological god :sob:


I can beat anyone, I am too strong.


Yeah. Not cause I’m stronger than him, but cause he’d totally just let me kill him. (my “antagonist” is just the main character hating on himself lmao)

*looks at what MC deals with *

I don’t think I want to find out.


Probably not, my antagonist is far too patient and cunning. She would know I was planning my attack before I know I’m planning my attack :joy:

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Absolutely Not for any of my antagonists. One is a literal god, The other owns a gang, the only way I could win is cause they’re bugs and I could just step on them. But if I was a bug no.

so you’re asking if i can beat the strongest demon in hell? second only to Lucifer himself???

sure i can


It depends… Do i WANT? to beat up a traumatised genocidal teenage orphan with powers that could tear me apart in seconds if I pissed her off? HELL NO

You want me, a lazy 16 year old, to fight a 7 foot tall madman that looks like he’s ripped the head off a baby and is hellbent on replacing the UNIVERSE with his own world and has the power to do so? Do the math

Lawl I could beat the tar out of any of my protagonists. They just do not have their sh*t together. One of them is just a food blogger and I know he doesn’t eat or sleep well enough to last in a fight.

In fact, this is a great idea. I should fight my characters.

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No, I could not. I can’t even fight a regular person.



I can’t win to even save my ass. One of my antagonist is a crazy psycho scientist with twisted brain who can easily drag me into a dark room and turn me into some mutilated beast!

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Against a mountain-shaped living fortress of alien flesh who can devour the whole Earth? And feast on humans by assimilating his flesh with them? And use human women to reproduce? And regularly produce maddening, hallucinogenic mist?