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Hey everyone! It’s been literally 5 years since I’ve last did cover art for books on here. I decided to get out of my cave and do them again. Since I’m free at the moment I decided to do this to pass time before classes start back up in January.

What I’ll need from you is listed below:

  1. Title
  2. Author
  3. Brief description of story
  4. Color scheme
  5. Reference pictures (recommended but not optional)
  6. Anything specific you want on the cover (or let me do what the heck I want :cowboy_hat_face: )

Depending on how detailed the cover is it can take me a whole day but if it’s something simple it can take about an our or two at most. I will deny request if they seem to complicated of a task for me to complete. Sorry! :cry:

tumblr_o9suk9Cer61u6i8k5o1_400 tumblr_o9suk9Cer61u6i8k5o1_400

Here are some examples of book covers I made on my own. If you’d like to use them for your own book go right ahead. Be mindful though it’s first come, first served. So whoever claims they want it they get it. I will gladly change the title (if you want it changed) as well as add your name to the cover.




Hello! I’ve literally been everywhere to find an artist who can make covers! And I just happen to stop by you!
Hopefully you can make this cover because it’s a little difficult. If you decline, I understand.

TITLE: Shattered
AUTHOR: lilwavex
GENRE: Teen Fiction/ Action/ Romance.
PLOT: Siblings (a boy and a girl) who are undercover spies, people know they by their code name Shattered. They have been gone through traumatic times in their lives. The murder of their father and the missing of their mother. All their lives they have been wanting to find out what has happened to their parents and finally when they get a close lead, high school is where they have to go. They have to spy on the CEO’S wealthiest son in order to get close to their father and find out the truth…the truth about what happened to their parents.
COLOR SCHEME: Dark colours, blacks, blues etc.
5. REFERENCE PICTURES: I’ve made a cover for my novel but I’m not liking it. So this is the idea I have,

6. ANYTHING SPECIFIC YOU WANT ON THE COVER: I can let you play around ahah. But if possible, please have a girl and a boy face opposite each other (so the spy siblings) or even walking into the distance. Maybe have a weapon in their hand? If not that’s okay. I want to have like a city below them. So anything with a spy theme feeling I would absolutely love!

If you could do this, it would be amazing! I know it’s really difficult. I hope you accept though.




Thank you so much! I hope it isn’t too much trouble! Let me know if you need anything that I can help with! But do your magic!

  1. Title: Amnesia
  2. Author: Ashley Guerra
  3. Brief description of story: a young women finds herself in an alley with no recognition of who she is and what happened to her. She meets a man who helps her uncover secrets of her past.
  4. Color scheme: Blue and black lol
  5. Reference pictures: kinda like the one my book already has but I needed to change it cuz I got a new name :joy:
  6. Anything specific you want on the cover: A girl with dark brown hair and bright blue eyes. I just want it a bit blended and simple haha thank you :blush: oh and if u can please add this subtitle “What happened the day they found each other” u don’t have to if there isn’t any space left




Thank you for your help!


Hope you like! tumblr_nnofchrpgk1txrjs1o1_400

  1. Title Crazy Love Crazy Pain
  2. Author Rachel Williams
  3. Brief description of story: Harvey’s life has been one nightmare after another and it only gets worse. His drug addiction to skunk has terrible consequences for his mental health. He can’t stop the voices from controlling him, he is the puppet and his voices are his masters.

When the masters say punch, he has to oblige. The only person that suffers the consequences of his master’s, is Tracy his girlfriend. No longer is Harvey her saviour, he becomes her tormentor.

  1. Color scheme same dark colours
  2. Reference pictures This is my cover now, can it be something similar.

6. Anything specific you want on the cover


Title The Ascent to Everest
Author: colourlessmo
Brief description of story:** After discovering his father’s dead body at the age of eleven, Everest Kenta’s life completely transforms. His older brother can no longer tolerate his presence, he is rendered friendless and his state of mind, slowly yet surely, begins to deteriorate. The trauma of all of these things combined lead him to distance himself from reality. But as he establishes new friendships and understands what it means to care for other people, he must decide whether to open himself up or to remain alone on a miserable plane where no one can reach him.**
Color scheme: Dark themed, preferably grey to black scale contrast
Reference picture: Snowy mountains like Mount Everest on a sharp black and white colour scheme maybe or just a guy wearing earphones at a bus stop with dark colours or also a black and white colour scheme?
Anything specific you want on the cover: No block type font, anything else works






hi! Not sure if your still open but can you do a cover for an upcoming book I’m planning.

  1. Title Colton’s Girl
  2. Author: Sammielena
  3. Brief description of story: Teen fiction romance,
  4. Color scheme
  5. Reference pictures ( recommended but not optional ) Hmmm A really hot guys would be great young please 18ish looking ( Like young Francisco Lachowski)
  6. Anything specific you want on the cover: Hot guy or a romantic picture idk go wild anything that resembles a high school teen fiction novel ( or let me do what the heck I want :cowboy_hat_face: )


Yes please! Like a lot darker or maybe just black and white, or a guy in a hoodie listening to music !but much darker looking, also is it possible to change to the handwriting to cursive like? thanks so much agian image


Would you prefer Francisco as the “hot guy” on the front cover? Also Would you want a girl incorporated into the cover as well? If so, do you have anyone in mind?


I was literally gonna use this picture instead of the other dude but the pic wasn’t clear enough. If you want I can go ahead and use it and try to make it sharper. I can definitely change the font to cursive as well!


omg? pls that would be great?! tysm!


Working on it right now!!!


i stan!! <3


These are some fonts I have in mind… Would you want a more handwritten cursive or…?

regular italic regular