Cover Art | CLOSED



Would you be able to do an original dragon cover? If not, that’s fine. Was just curious.


The third one looks nice?! maybe in like a greyish colour or whatever looks nice to you!


Original? Like hand drawn created stuff? (Never been asked that before sorry!)


Well I have the basic sketch for how I want it to sorta look but my art style and skill isn’t what I want in a cover

  1. Title - Mixtape For The End of the World
  2. Author - epichorn31
  3. Brief description of story - Everyone has that one friend who thinks that they’ve seen an intergalactic cobra, right?

It’s the summer of 1986, and Pete Wentz, Gabe Saporta, and Brendon Urie just graduated from high school. All they want is to have a good time before all three of them go to separate colleges, but all of that changes when Gabe has a vision telling him everything that will happen in his life up until his untimely death. Pete and Brendon are initially skeptical, but then, Gabe’s visions start coming true.

Add in a pen pal from New Jersey, a singer who might be a little bit too ahead of his time, and the most adorable barista in the world, and Brendon, Gabe, and Pete are in for the summer of their lives.
4. Color scheme - whatever you want
5. Reference pictures - whatever you want
6. Anything specific you want on the cover - Must have Pete Wentz, Brendon Urie, and Gabe Saporta on the cover. Also, maybe some indication that it’s an 80s AU?

Thanks! :smiley:


So I’m assuming you want hand drawn stuff…? I don’t do that sorry!


Are you comfortable doing more fantasy like covers/dragon related covers? :dragon:


Not exactly, if it’s photoshopable then that’s what I’m going for. I’m looking for a more realistic look while my art style is too cartoony


Gotcha!!! I’m with you now! Yes I can definitely do it for you then. Just answer my requirements up above and I’ll began working on it as soon as I’m finished with the others!


I’ve only ever done one fantasy cover lol I wouldn’t say I’m uncomfortable doing them


I really don’t want to decline this one but I may have a struggle with it… So you want some indication it’s an 80’s AU. I was thinking maybe photoshoping their faces onto another person with 80’s attire on (cool with that?) If you are what 80’s attire are we talking? (photo references would be awesome!!!)

  1. Title: The Hero’s Revenge
  2. Author: DiamondWillowTree
  3. Brief description of story: A hero is summoned to another world, right after accidently time traveling in his own, to be requested to fight in a war. After refusing he is kiiinda turned into a monster and now wants to seek revenge. So now he’s kinda the bad guy.
  4. Color scheme: le dragon is a deep evergreen green color with deep purple eyes. Horns and spikes~slightly darker. Whatever other colors are fine
  5. Reference pictures
  6. Anything specific you want on the cover: You have creative freedom to create the dragon however you see fit. The reference is basically for facial features and other features. Also, he’s not a nice guy. You won’t see him smiling anytime soon. Either a young or old dragon will do. Probably and preferably an older more traditional dragon.


Wow! Thank you!


Of course no problem!


Awesome drawing btw! Reminds me of Trico from The Last Guardian.


Yeah, that would be cool!

Pete is very, very goth in this novel, so maybe something like this -

Gabe and Brendon are more mainstream.

  1. Title: Dragon Singer
  2. Author: TheEndlessHeart (I haven’t figured out a good pen name :sweat:)
  3. Brief description of story: Takara is a simple girl, who lives in a simple village, and she wanted nothing more for it to stay that way. But she has a secret, one she’s been raised to keep hidden at all costs, She’s a Dragon Singer. She holds the song and the soul of a dragon within her, and can even transform into one. Such powers are rare, and as more and more Singers go missing, Takara is growing more and more worried and cautious. When she is captured by a neighboring kingdom, it takes an unlikely ally and an heap of courage to find her way out of the manipulative King who wants her to use her abilities and win his never-ending war for him. Will she make it? Or will she lose her song, forever?
  4. Color scheme: Reds, golds, green, and earthy colors.
  5. Reference pictures ( I currently have a short story that’s basically the inspiration for the novel and this is what I got xD A pic from the internet with some word art slapped on )
  6. Anything specific you want on the cover ( DO WHATEVER YOU WANT YEEHAWWW)


Hmmm don’t have a preference if you have anyone in mind go for it preferably if she’s brunette. Ty!!


I hope you can cook something up for me :smiley:

  • Title: Challenge Accepted (Subtitle: Some games are not meant to be won)
  • Author: S. Saga
  • Brief description of story: Scarlett Black (18) is an independent-minded girl who believes is choosing her own future. Right before graduating from high-school she meets Christian(20), who is confident, but also easygoing, and already working hard on his career in his family’s company. They have many common interests, including MMA (fighting sport), piano music, business. When everything seems to indicate that they would end up as a couple, Christian suddenly pulls away and tries to avoid Scarlett. But when Scarlett doesn’t want the things to end like that and pursues her feelings for him, they start going out after all. They love competing and playing games to see which one wins between themselves. A month into their relationship, Scarlett finds out that Christian is actually an heir to a multibillion company that he needs to take over in five years. That also means that Christian has to go back to his homecountry to train in a month (they meet in San Franisco but Christian comes from England). As Scarlett refuses to give up her scholarship in her dream university, they dacide to part their ways the day Christian has to leave. But the end doesn’t always have to actually be the end. :smiley: (sorry that it’s so long but I don’t know how to make it shorter)
  • Color scheme: light, colors that go together with humour but also a bit of drama (I dan’t know what colors those are but maybe you do :joy:)
    *Referance pictures: I was thinking about a redhaired girl with boxing gloves or just in red pants but if you have a better idea go for that :slight_smile:
    *Anything specific: There should also be a BOOK 1 written on it as it will have a sequel.

  1. Title : Loving In The Atlantic
    . Author : Júlia Chantre Gonçalves & Lara Évora de Barros
  2. Brief description of story : Its a collection of poems about love in the past, present and what we hope for in the future.
  3. Color scheme : The cover will represent the ocean at night so dark/royal blue. And the islands of cape verde in white.
  4. Reference pictures ( ) (Map of Cape Verde if the image doesn’t appear )
  5. Anything specific you want on the cover: Cape Verde islands in a heart shape in white .

Thank you! And if you have another idea for the cover let me know.