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Heey! Its just to know if you’re doing mine sinçe you didnt say anything :smile:


hey sorry about that. I did not see. So sorry!!! I’m kind of confused. you wanted a map of cape verde but also in the shape of a heart. So like rearrange the islands in a heart


yeeah! Beause its 10 islands i thought it’d look niçe if it was the islands in the oçean at nigtht in a heat shape. but if you hae another idea let me know! :slight_smile:


Yoooooooooo i <3 itt!!! but çould you send me it without the islands and send me another uersion with the islands just like you haue it here but in red and in the çenter of a totally blaçk baçkground and the title below it in the same letter as (a çolleçtions of…)? So we çould haue 2 uersions. THANK YOU SOOOOOOOOO MUÇH!!!




  1. Title: Remember the Burning Dream?
  2. Author: K~Lovely
  3. Brief description of story: Dream
    plural noun: dreams

a series of thoughts, images, and sensations occurring in a person’s mind during sleep.

Dreams are supposed to be things you’ve experienced bits and pieces from what you’ve seen during the day,you’re thoughts,your hopes, your memories. These dreams they aren’t always mine. They scare me. I want it to stop but not really. Then when I think about it I want to help although I know I can’t.I wish I can control them do something but How can I? I can’t escape what’s in my head. I wish I could…I think
4. Color scheme: whatever you think looks nice but alike faded type and dark shadows (idk what I’m saying:joy:)
5. Reference pictures sorry I couldn’t find the original that was what I have but it just doesn’t look right

6. Anything specific you want on the cover: you don’t have to you those pictures just I want a guy there not really showing his face if you can cloud would be nice but honestly you can try any way you think it will look nice
I hope you can help me I’ve been trying to get the right cover for a long time


thank yoooooooooou so so soooooooo muuuuuuuuuuuçh. i looooooooue theeeeem!

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I have another thread going on as well but i’ll try to work on yours as soon as possible! Only one person is ahead of you though


Thank you so much it doesn’t matter how long it takes obviously it takes time so you can make all of this request. Thank you.

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@Hope-is-a-Dream I went ahead and used both pics to create two covers. I hope you like them! If you want anything changed feel free to tell me and I’ll fix it!


OH MY GOSH THANK YOU!! The second one is amazing, thank you. I don’t think that I have anything to fix but I would like to know if later on did would you still be willing to do those changes if any? Might not happen Just wondering anyways thank you I really appreciate it. I hope that at some point you get a chance to read the story it is still on going but you don’t have to thank you.


I wouldn’t mind doing changes later on. Just hit me up! And I’m glad you like it! I will definitely give your book a read when I have the chance. Gotta catch up on some covers is all.


Hello! I hope you’re still taking people! Your covers are just what I’m looking for and the last step I need before posting my first chapters!

  1. Death of a College Freshman
  2. @kt_ham123
  3. Death. It’s a scary word. A word that Rita Lyons has feared since a tragic accident she encountered with her mother at a young age. Rita’s best friend, Haven, acted as her therapist. She knew all about her fear of the dreaded word. Death. The girls move off to college and many things change for the girls-- Rita especially. What will happen to the friendship? Will death be conquered? Or will fear trump all?
  4. I’m thinking darker colors, yet I think that if brighter colors were used it would be a surprise to what the book contains in later chapters.
  5. I don’t have any
  6. I’m giving you free reign over this!! I’ve tried coming up with so many ideas and none of them have been what I imagined. Your covers are soooo brilliant!
  1. Title: Faceless
  2. Author: Zara Dash
  3. Brief description of story: The story is a contemporary romance, based on the lives of a contemporary dancer Elle Shaw (the main protagonist. She has brown hair and blue eyes) and artist Adrian Walker. They had known and loved each other a lifetime ago, but now their lives collide again, digging up all the feelings they had buried.
  4. I would like darker colors because this is a pretty emotional romance dealing with a heavier theme.
    5 & 6. While I do not have any specific pictures in mind, I do have ideas. I would like it to maybe portray a contemporary dancer (or her silhouette), or maybe the silhouettes of a man and woman. But honestly it’s up to you, so you’re free to get creative with it if you like.

Thank you!

  1. Title: The Million Dollar Game Plan
  2. Author: frost-dreams
  3. Brief description of story- After high school most teens prepare for the next step, which is going to college but the determined Nina Sanders prepares for something drastically different, a robbery. 10 years after Nina’s mom was the victim of a scheme at the hand of a business mogul that resulted in years of poverty Nina has something to take care of before jetting off to college, and that’s revenge. With the help of her best friend Nina plans to take back the money she thinks is rightfully hers, by any means necessary. The only thing that could stop her, the bosses own son who takes an interest in her and is determined to find out what shes hiding.
  4. Color scheme- Something light and vibrant
  5. Anything specific you want on the cover- I want something with 2 girls. I want the cover to have the same aesthetic as a teen fiction cover, something that’s simple but grabs peoples attention.
  1. Title: World War VI
  2. Author: Emry Austin
  3. Brief Description of story: After several years of beginning a new on New Earth, most commonly referred to as Terra 2 in a new solar system due to the catastrophic event of the Sol System dying, The New Earth countries have struck at each other. Once allies now enemies, The Chinese have struck forward at the American civilization taking down one of the American battleships the USS Terrence which had Tony (The protagonist’s) Father aboard who commandeered the ship proudly for the American people in Space. America and China at war bringing in their allies, the new Australian Defence Force coming to support America as Japan does the same for China. The world, being once again. At war.
  4. Color scheme- Spacey? If that describes anything? If not than thrilling
  5. Anything specific you want on the cover: Two Spaceships attacking one another with a planet behind it.
    Hope you accept my cover, because what I’ve seen above looks fantastic!

Title: Mystic
Author: K.M. Le Gros
Color scheme: Dark and misty.
Ideas: Harry potter themed. Girl with long white hair. Either not showing her face or only the side of it.


Accepted!!! Also sorry for the late replies. Started a new job and it’s been keeping me busy. Will be working on them right away!

@kt_ham123 @BornToxic @frost-dreams @EmryAustin @SmilingAtTheCamera

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Look forward to seeing the finished product!


I hope you like it @kt_ham123!


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