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@BornToxic I dedicded to make two based a little on what you wanted. I hope you like it!








I don’t know if you’re still doing this, but if you are I’d absolutely love cover art!!

Title: Inconveniently True

Author: Kendall Richter

Brief description of story: This story is about a boy and a girl from two different words. They meet online over a site and develop an online friendship. When one of their mutual online friends goes missing, they go on an adventure to find her, meeting up in real life along the way, and fall in love during their journey.

Color scheme: Shades of light pink on one side and light blue on the other. (I’m just trying to emphasis how different they are by having two different color schemes.)

Reference pictures ( recommended but not optional ) This is a little weird, but I’d lowkey love it if the cover was sort of based off of this gif here.
I’ll just tell you what my imagination thinks of when I think of a cover for this book. I kind of imagine a boy and a girl hugging, kind of like in the gif, but they are seperated by two different worlds on either side - (eg. different color schemes, landscapes, etc)

Anything specific you want on the cover: Nothing in the above is really mandatory so feel free to do whatever the heck you want. Those are all just suggestions.


Looks great! With the second one, can you change the title on it to “Betrayed” and add subtitles onto both? The one that has “World War VI” on it contains the subtitle of “Book 1 of Space War Series” and “Betrayed” has “Book 2 of Space War Series”



Suman S.

Brief Description of Story
Story is sci-fi based surrounding a society now partially ruled by a new species, the Osirii, that are seven foot coal-skinned carnivorous creatures with wings. It follows Mira, a surgeon at the largest city’s medical centre, who is forced to marry an Osirii Prince and become the Sovereign - essentially a queen with uncontested reign over their people. Unfortunately there is a world of unforgiving difficulties ready to break her.

Color Scheme
I’d like the colours navy (or any deep blue shade) incorporated with silver (or light grey).

Reference Pictures

Anything specific you want on the cover
I really like the idea of a grand crown dripping blood or a crown falling into water and turning it crimson. The second idea is to have black wings like a bat’s (please not feathered) and maybe claws as the focal point but no faces please. If that’s too difficult for you then I guess you can go with your instincts haha but no borders please and I don’t want a too simplistic title font (the font from the second book cover inspo I posted above is great).






Will do. Working on it right now!


It’s amazing, thank you!!!


Hi! This a new story. The cover is very important to let the others make an idea about how beautiful the story could be. So, I hope you could make me this big favor. Anyway

Title: Blue.
Description: Blue is Drew’s daughter; he is a reporter. She spends most part of her days in his office, where also Harvie (a coworker, Drew’s protégé) likes to loaf. Harvie’s got a grilfriend. Blue’s got a crush. And both of them, in a similiare time, let their lovers go. Anyway, this is the main topic.
The main characters are: Barbara Palvin and Dylan Sprouse.
Particular requests: I’d like you put a building in the cover; something to show the job place, which is important.
Atmosphere: The colors could be a bit over the dark. There are going to be many obstacles and problems, so the atmosphere mustn’t be too glad.


Accepted!!! Will be working on it soon


I made two. I hope you likethem!




Omg. They’re perfect. Really thank you, angel!:heart_eyes:


This story is new and I dont want to release it unless I have a good cover, pls help.

Title: Wielders
Description: "You need to realize that magic comes with a price. "
“You have no idea the price I pay…”
When magic appears in rare individuals across the world, most countries quickly take this opportunity to pick them up as soldiers or spies for their benefit, promising large sums of money if they help them.
James grows up hiding his supernatural ability, partially in fear of the american government finding him and recruiting him against his will, partially because he doesn’t want the fame most Super humans gain. But there is a third reason.

Not all people want super humans roaming the earth.
James is being hunted, and he knows it.

Particular requests: I’d like a teen boy on the front cover, partially silhouetted if you can, maybe some form of magic in the background, and if you’re feeling particularly generous, a wolf. NOT A WEREWOLF. Just a normal wolf.

Color scheme: warm colors, maybe shades of black if neccessary

Thank you for considering


Accepted! Will be working on it soon. Also, what’s his power exactly (that’s if you want it presented on the cover)? I can’t really go off by “some form of magic” lol


hello! your covers look amazing, thank you very much for making these :blush:
no pressure at all to get around to my request if you’re swamped, but if you get any inspiration from this, i would love to have a cover.

  1. Red Thread of Fate
  2. Oliver Ezra
  3. Two men in their early twenties are dying, they fall in love and accept their fate through loving each other
  4. Black, white, red
  5. for whatever reason it’s not letting me post links or pictures, but basically any drawing involving the red string folk tale would work lol
  6. i would prefer to avoid faces in the cover and just focus on hands with a string, and i would also prefer if you used a drawing instead of a real life photo, but i’ll be completely fine with whatever you decide to use! i’m not going to be really picky about small details like these.


lol oops sorry. He can slow down time. Other characters will have different abilities though, so if you can’t use that ability I dont mind improv


Ok thanks!!! Will be working on it now.


Accepted!!! Will be working on it soon! Should even be posted by tonight honestly.

  1. Title: I can’t pick between Yes Master or Yes Sir. If you could possibly make two covers I would love that.
  2. Author: Kass
  3. Brief description of story: River is a complicated girl. With a difficult life she tries to make through her life day by day. One day she is kidnapped by a powerful man. He controls most of the city she lives in and is the main man in a gigantic so called cult. The only way to make it through the days with him is to follow each and every one of his rules.
  4. Color scheme: Mainly dark colors
  5. Reference pictures: A slightly older man pinning a teenage girl to a wall. I couldn’t find any pictures for it.
  6. Anything specific you want on the cover: Do what you want. I just need some samples to see what I like the best.