Cover Battle - Which One Would You Choose?

Hi there everyone!
GlitchandGlitz here.
I have a question for you all, which cover would you choose?
Based off of nothing besides the fact of which one draws you in more.
Ready? Okay!
Hearts and Glitches,

  1. Powerless%201
  2. Powerless%202
  3. Powerless%203
  4. Powerless%204
  • Cover One
  • Cover Two
  • Cover Three
  • Cover Four

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I have to be honest and say the first two don’t draw me in at all. The color in them feels weird and out of place. Same for the third, though I like the colored eye. The fourth looks better because it has more color, but the face is blurred/pixelayed. If you can do the fourth in higher resolution and with multicolor eyes, I’d deffs go for that


I like the fourth one since it looks like a painting. Cool effect!

I would choose between three and four, but I’m drawn more to three.

Yeah the third one looks quite cool with the eye, but the fourth one does look quite well placed. so, :woman_shrugging: one or the other.

Lol you guys aren’t helpful at all :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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I liked the first one best but the fourth was my second favorite

Four has more colours and looks more interesting to me - generally I’m not a fan of the U = U face covers - but they’re really popular so go for it!