Cover Contest Question


If you entered a cover contest, what kinds of prizes would you like the chance to win?

  • 3 comments on a work of the winner’s choice
  • A shout-out to Lumi’s WP followers
  • I don’t care about prizes.
  • Other (please specify below)

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@Prisim @letterbyowl @marxsan @sickhearts


I feel like i dont care too much about prizes… cause like some of the contest i join seem to evaporate…


Evaporate…? How?


Like they dont end. Like they say winners will be announced or chosen and no one replies (usually they’ll say who wins so like, you know everything is done and over). like the host goes awol


Well, let’s say a contest creator is consistent, then what?

If a contest actually goes through to fruition, would you want a prize for winning?


Well, for the most part it would depend on what the host is known for; but for the most part; cant go wrong with a shout out.

The comments on works fairly particular IMO, cause some people who enter might not work… Though it would be fun to have them randomly comment on some random piece of work

Most of the contest i join are art based, so sometimes I get art as a prize which is nice.


I am known for dialogue stories. Two of mine have super high read counts and idk how.

I guess a shout-out can be super easy to do. I’ll keep that in mind.

So, comments not listed as a prize but doing it as a bonus thing?

Hm… well… I can try drawing something for people but I can’t draw.

Last time I tried to draw, this thing was made:

I totally made this as a joke for someone.


joke art is always fun LOL

prizes a terribly drawn picture from yours truly.

i guess it always depends on your fanbase, because some people will like fun prizes. i mean it is wattpad


I guess I can throw together some joke art. :rofl:

Honestly, though, the only art I can make with my hands is my handwriting. My handwriting is so tiny and aesthetic.

Idk anything about my fanbase besides that A LOT of them are teens and into aesthetics.


You could poll your fanbase too :shrug:


But who even reads message board posts?


No one. I dont even get notfications for my own message board


I want to open up the contest to the greater WP community anyways.

I’ll still let my followers know the contest is happening but I doubt many will see it.


Based on what I know about wattpadders the 3 comments might be the most enticing to get people to enter.


I don’t enter many contests, as @letterbyowl said, a lot of times the host will get bored or other contestants won’t enter on time, etc… But I do feel like a lot of people do write on wattpad and I always think getting good critiques on works is always help so I’d go for the comments most likely.

I feel like shoutouts only really work if the person who’s doing the shoutout has a crap tone of followers. Maybe adding a book to a public read list? not actually sure how many people go through others reading lists, but I do it a lot


Thanks for your feedback!


Since I don’t expect to get many entries (I’ll be happy if I get three)… here’s what I’m thinking:

a) feature all cover entries for the contest in the book and tag the person who made them

b) give the winner a choice between a shout-out and 3 comments or a shout-out and some trash art like the one above this’ll be good since not everyone has a book posted on Wattpad

I think that should be a fairly decent system.



I also think people will just want to enter because if they win then their graphic gets shown off. I think people seem to care less about prizes tbh


@Lumi I think that’s a good idea! Give the people options and then they choose what they want in return.

Just tag mad people and I’m sure you’ll get a bigger response then you think. And of course ask other people to tag as well!