Cover Help!!! Payment Included

Graphic Type: Cover

Title: Disguise

Author: ZZZenayay

Genre(s): Romance

Colours: Anything, most preferably monochrome


1/2 female face, 1/2 male face

  • I think it’d be easiest to do if you have one face, but either the left or right side is photoshopped to resemble a male’s

  • the cover can have a thin,black line down the middle to separate the sides

half a woman’s face in general(like in the cover I’ve attached below)

anything else you think will work for this story

Story Summary:

Skyler Cecilia Ciel, or better known as “Blue Eyes”, works as part of the country’s strongest mafia, the BloodSlayers where only men and the ones on top will survive.

*That’s right. *


Why? No one knows.

Never once faltering, vigilance and perception were the only things that kept her alive up until now but will it be enough once she’s suddenly appointed as Don Morte’s right-hand “man”?

Unwillingly, she and Don, the one who truly stands on top, are now stuck with each other 24/7. The stakes now higher than ever, will Skyler be able to maintain her facade? Or will Don dig out the truth, and what might end everything for Skyler?

Payment(s) For Chosen Cover:

Anything Else: Just so you know, the story has yet to be published so credit may take a while(once I publish a chapter) but I promise it WILL be done

I know this is a mafia book but I still want it to have of a bit of feminine charm&elegance to the cover but not too much where its overpowering


This the current cover I’ve made and am using(just in case this can help somewhat)


I’ll start working now

thank you!^^

OMG I’ll totally make one :heart:

XD Thank you!!

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Would you be willing to read a chapter (not including prologue) from my book When Tomorrow Dies and leave at least 2 reactionary comments?

no prob!

uh…could I help with rephrasing some sentences instead if thats alright with you?
of course you don’t have to actually listen to me but…

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Do you like it?

This is lovely!!
But this wasn’t what i was going for, im sorry :pleading_face:

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No worries xx

Made a quick attempt?


Could you do both? If not, could you just leave some comments? ^^ PS here are my tries! I can make any and all edits <3

disguise-2 disguise
I tried to go w the half female/half male thing, but it kinda sucked here’s what I had so far XD

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Another quick attempt I made


Here’s my try. I don’t think it was exactly what you were going for. covers

this is a current premade I have if you’re interested.

monsters of the forbidden

Here are my attempts!

Are you still taking requests??

Here are my attempts:

If you want to see them with some changes, feel free to ask!


This is my attempt!
If you need any changes please let me know!

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