Cover needed for an urban fantasy story (Closed)

So I’ve roughly finished the first chapter of my book, done some story planning, and workshopped my blurb. I’d really like a cover before I publish towards the end of the week. Unfortunately, I’m not completely sure what I want it to look like? I know that I’m looking for something simplistic that reflects the story (or at least the genre), and I’m not interested in having celebrities/faces on the cover. Please do whatever seems right because I’m lost.

Graphic Type: Cover

Title: The Godhood

Author: Celine Birtle

Genre(s): Urban Fantasy

Colours: Blue/Purple (That kind of color scheme, unless you have something that you believe will fit better)

Story Summary: A new age has begun.

For millennia, stories of gods and the supernatural have become accepted as works of fiction. All of that slowly changes after a violent storm leaves babies all across the world with incredible powers. As the children grow older, they become divided, into those who demand superiority and those who wish to continue living in obscurity. As these groups oppose each other with mortals caught in the middle, the new reality dangerously starts to reflect the chaotic stories of old.

Payment: I can do follows, critiques, etc. I’ll be doing it even if I don’t use your graphic for the cover.

Anything Else: Thank you!

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This one’s like a stretch, designers would find it really hard without an idea. How do you like forestry sceneries?

Going off from what AliasScarlet said, are there any cover examples out there that you’d like your cover to look similar to?

I didn’t know what to do at all lmao I just played with stuff. Tell me what you think though :>

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I really like the first one. Thank you!

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glad to know! let me know if you’re going to use it. Imma head out~

I wasn’t really sure what to go off of or the type of background you wanted. I attempted this:

"Different Colors

The Godhood

Thank you everyone for submitting! I will follow each of you (andif you like) comment on a story of your choice. I am going to end up picking @StoryWritersNeverLie 's second cover.


Awesome. All I ask is for credit in the summary or first chapter.

You can always comment on any of my stories if they catch your interest but you don’t need to.

Here’s the cover without the preview marking:

Since you aren’t using my cover… Can I use it as a pre-made in my Cover Shop??
I’ll still credit you.

A follow would be fine :slight_smile:

Go ahead!

I can’t pull up your profile for some reason. Send the link please.

Thank you so much!!

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