Cover Needed for Dystopian Sci-Fi Book! (Closed)

Hi, I need a cover for a story that takes place in a Dystopian Sci-Fi World, and the payment depends in how you want it, I’d be happy to give a permanent Follow + Credit in my story description + And if you want me to read a few chapters from one of your works, Thanks in advance to everyone who helps me out :smiley:

Graphic Type: Book cover

Title: Ray’s Journey in a Strange World

Author: Shining Light

Genre(s): Dystopian Sci-Fi

Colours: anything that makes a dark scary setting

Idea(s): I want a skinny Boy(he’s 14) that is short and has long hair and torn clothes looking at a huge city with many tall buildings (it needs to be at night so you can see the light coming from it) and colorful lights (purple or any color you find best) coming from it, surrounded by a huge wall and there’s a road that leads to the gate of the city, and the outside of city is just an empty land with dead grass and sand.

Story Summary: Ray is a seven-year-old boy, who wakes in a strange place and has no idea of his past, after a few years of living there he gets injected with a strange serum when he turns thirteen, only to blackout and wake up in the outside world, Ray is scared and doesn’t know anything about the outside world, so to survive, he starts wandering for days to try and find someone to help him, he’s starving and cold from the rain but manages to get to a ruined village with only one building standing, there he finds an old man who he will never forget for the rest of his life…will he manage to stay alive and sane or will he succumb to evils of the outside world?

Anything Else: If you think my idea is too much that’s fine, I would be happy with any dystopian sci-fi looking city with a boy looking at the city, also I would appreciate it if you can make it look like it’s raining

I went with a very simplistic cover, and this ended up not being dark and scary at all. Still, I figured maybe someone trying will inspire others to do so as well! Love the concept behind this.


Wow Thanks!, I like it, and appreciate your effort for doing this :smiley: :heart:
do you have any book your writing right now?
if so send me a link to it so I can give you a follow and even read some of it, maybe I will like it :smiley:
Thanks again for the help!

I don’t, though I appreciate the offer. However, giving away likes are against Wattpad rules! No payment is necessary.

Sorry I didn’t know :sweat_smile:
Thanks anyway

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