Cover needed for Paranormal Romance

Graphic Type: Cover

Title: Stalker

Author: Cassandra

Genre(s): Paranormal, romance

Colours: Any kind of dark colour is ok.

Idea(s): A dark alley or any dark place in the background would be cool.

Story Summary: Running from the men her stepfather sold her to, Erika lives in a small town, all alone. But, is she really living alone or is there someone else who’s there with her? And what if that ‘someone’ is not even a human?

Payment: A permanent follow, shoutout on my profile, credit and dedication on the first chapter.

Anything Else: I don’t like having faces in my cover. Back look or side profile is ok.

Guys, I’m still looking out for a cover!

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I will try

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Ok… I’ll be waiting :grinning:

What type of font are you looking for?

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I don’t have a specific one in my mind… anything that looks matches with the cover would be fine.


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My tries :slight_smile: Can edit them anyway


Stalker 1 Stalker 2 Stalker 3 Stalker 4 Stalker 5 Stalker 6

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Here’s my attempt. Let me know if you would like to use it!

Different style fontish/colors

3 4 1

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How’s this?

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Tried my hand at it ~

Stalker Comm - Book Cover - Worded

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Oh I’ll be posting a version of this cover on Thursday (my next day off) IF you decide to wait that long.

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I played around with a few variations.


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Thank you so much for trying. They’re cute but they don’t quite match the plot. Sorry :sob:

@BridgesTunnels @KitWulf @Gugus4682 Thank you so much for giving it a try!


Yeah… I guess this is the one that I’ll be using.

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Don’t feel like you have to. It’s only been a day and sometimes it can take a few days. If you’re wanting others to continue to try, in case a much better one comes along, then I say you should! I would just recommend to add it to your first post so any designers that do click know you’re still looking even with a solved click.

Here’s the cover without the marking (I changed the others as well in the post above:


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oh ok

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What’s your wp acc name btw? @StoryWritersNeverLie

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Ooops, forgot my profile was hidden. My username is the same as the one on here.

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