cover needed for romance story!

graphic type: cover for my story

title: headline

author: @olivereads14

genre: romance/new adult

idea(s): basically, i want to redo the cover i currently have (with the image) but make it more like a newpaper look.
what im looking for:

  • i would love if it could look like the taylor swift reputation cover, with the news article print on the sides/overlapping.
  • the image (included below) to be in black and white
  • the title to be in pink font like it is now
  • the ‘overlapping text’ to include the ‘headlines’ at the beginning of the summary… or just the main characters name? (Carter Young).
  • the text to be in a newspaper type of font (ex: chomsky)

images for reference:

taylor swift album cover


my current cover

Screen Shot 2019-08-03 at 8.07.20 PM

the image to use for the cover

story summary:





Carter Young has spent the past month hiding from the spotlight with the hope of avoiding another headline fueled by rumours.

Betrayed and heartbroken, he believes his career is over and will never recover.

When Carter meets a mysterious girl with vibrant pink hair, he is pulled into her world, and suddenly, the headlines begin to change.

payment: person chosen will obviously get credit and i’ll happily post to my message board. i am happy to read your story/add it to my list :blush: just let me know and we can work something out!

anything else: i have never requested a graphic before so please let me know if there’s anything else i need to clarify (and apologies if anything is missing lol)!! thank you so much to anyone who helps me out!

How’s this?

I’m up for minor changes if you want!


Hey, what do you think about this one?

I’m not 100% finished with it, nor am I 100% happy with it, but I wanted to get your take on the idea. The ‘Headline’ font I used is called CLOISTERBLACK. It’s pretty similar to Chomsky. And the one I used for your name is called ENGRAVERS. These can be changed of course. The title can also be moved to the center of the page. I tried it there first and actually prefer it there, but that’s up to you. I was also thinking that your ‘author name’ or your character’s name can go somewhere within the newspaper. You’ll have to give me some idea of a headline if you want the character’s name in it. The author’s name can also go in a straight line on the side, if you’d like. I was also originally playing with the idea of going with more of a sepia tone to the cover, but that’s up to you.

Let me know what you think or if you have a placement or design element you’d prefer to see. You’re welcome to check out my book of premade covers if you’d like to see what I can do.

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Not sure if you’re still interested, but here’s what I came up with. The first one includes everything you asked for, including the Chomsky font at the top. I added a small design element beneath the title, and if you look closely on the newspaper articles, I changed the pictures and added the STAR NEWS titles you mentioned above.


The next one is basically the same thing, only I thought (since your blurb specifically mentions that the “mysterious girll” has pink hair) that you should highlight the girl’s pink hair. It’s the most strikiing aspect of her character that the reader knows about before reading, so I thought you should show it.


The final one is also in color, but this time I changed the font, simply because I find the other one hard to read even in a large size. You can take this one or leave it. Or if you like it but would rather see it in black and white, I can do that too.


Let me know what you think. Of course, if none of these meet with your approval, it was fun creating this one. I learned a few things in the process. Thanks!

Hi : ) here is what I managed to do

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