cover needed (help with covers appreciated)

Graphic Type: a cover for my story

Title: avery

Author: imaginatorbxb

Genre(s): YA fiction (not a romance story)

Colours: blue

Idea(s): just a teenage boy on the cover. Brown hair brown eyes, preferably. Also, please don’t include a subtitle or anything else than the title and my username.

Payment: I can follow you or something else if that’s what you want

Anything Else: Thank you for making the cover for me.

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Is there something specific you want as a background?

i was thinking the sea or some other sort of nature, but anything is fine

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Hi There! I am a graphic designer and would love to help. your more than welcome to reach out to me and Ill help where I can <3

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If you would like to, you can do the cover. I’d happily take it and then follow you.

Im on it.

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is the setting can be in winter or no?

yes it can be

where can I send it to for you?

pm me on wattpad and i’ll send you my email





And of course, i can switch it up as you want. :grin:

Copy of Copy of Notebook - Made with PosterMyWall

Copy of Notebook - Made with PosterMyWall (1)


Let me know your thoughts


This one is super nice good job :+1:

Thanks. I like it, but maybe the hair is too short. I describe Avery as having really short hair multiple times in the story, and since there’s no real love interest, I want to have Avery himself on the cover.

Would an anime based cover be okay?

I’m not looking for anime covers, I’m sorry. If you have anything else, I’d gladly take it though!

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I can try making it :smiley:

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do u have some pics in mind?