Cover Needed (Historical Fiction)

Graphic Type: Cover

Title: Maddox Academy: Grievous Beginnings

Author: Amelia Harper

Genre(s): Historical Fiction/ Romance

Colours: Something bright

Idea(s): Perhaps a brick building that looks a little like a boarding school? Also, have the ‘Grievous Beginnings’ portion of the title bigger as it’s the title of the story.

Here is the current cover: Boop 3

Story Summary: After passing the prestigious Maddox Academy exams, Flick Grieves is shipped off to the middle of the country to attend her new school. With a social divide evident from the very beginning, Flick decides that one term at Maddox will be enough.

That is until she meets Katie Wilson, a year older than Flick and one of the few girls willing to be her friend. The two become fast friends but it isn’t long before something starts to stir inside Flick.

Flick must work to finish her first term at Maddox whilst grappling with a strange new set of feelings. Feelings that are forbidden.

Payment (If offered. Please do not offer votes as it’s not allowed.): A follow for those who try and a dedication for the cover I choose

Anything Else: Please use Royalty-Free images.

Thank you!



I might give this a go tonight/over the weekend :grin:

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What does Flick look like?

@Spruce_Goose here is my attempt:

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Here’s my take:


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Do it xD

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Is tempted


Do it

I am looking for images right now :sweat_smile:

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Have you decided one already? I could give it a go

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I’ve not chosen one

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Then I’ll give it a go:)

This one is superrrrrrrr gorgeous, how do you do this?

Wow, I made so many but like none.

untitleddesign_1_original-22 untitleddesign_1_original-13 untitleddesign_1_original-19 untitleddesign_1_original-9 untitleddesign_1_original-8 untitleddesign_1_original-7 untitleddesign_1_original-3 untitleddesign_1_original-6

Hi!! So this is my attempt:

What do you think? Any changes you would like me to make are welcome! That is if you decide to use my cover. My name is also on there(right below “grievous beginnings”) but it doesn’t take away from the main focus so I hope that’s ok with you :smile:


Did you see the one I replied with?

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