Cover Needed (Mystery/Thriller/Action)

Graphic Type : Book Cover

Title: Tainted Blood

Author: M.L. Tracy

Genre(s): Mystery, Thriller, Action, Fantasy

Colours: Black, Red, (But if you think any other will fit, I don’t mind at all)

Idea(s): I know I want a woman holding a gun, since it is about a family of assassins seeking revenge, and the main character is a girl.

Story Summary:

After the murders of their parents, the Stolin siblings trained under The Pyka to become the World’s deadliest assassins.

For Alex, revenge is a confession of pain. She has been able to kill a man with her bare hands since she was ten—she’s a Stolin, one of five siblings born with extraordinary gifts.

But it’s more complicated when these gifts are used, there are consequences. That will stipulates until they unravel the mystery of what happened to their parents. Anyone could have done it, and The Pyka is holding a piece of the puzzle. Will the siblings work together to finally discover the truth, or will secrets finally tear the family apart?

The price for revenge is might cost Alex her or her brothers’ lives.

Payment: I will read every book you have publish. Comment on each chapter. I will do a very detailed summary/critique on the books. If anything else, let me know!

Anything Else: Not that I’m aware of. I’m open to change :slight_smile:

I tried something, how’s this?

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Hope you like it!

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This one seemed like a fun one :slight_smile: lmk if you plan on using one of 'em!
tainted blood2

tainted blood cover



What program/software do you for your text? I really love the style of it.

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Photoshop CS5! Old, but she still kills it so :eyes: and thanks!

I just play around with glow, gradient, drop shadow, bevel/emboss until I get the desired look.


Tainted Blood

How is this?


Copy of Book Cover - Made with PosterMyWall (7) Copy of Book Cover - Made with PosterMyWall (8)

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I like this one!

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Thanks Everyone! I really like all of these! You all should be proud of your work! Very Talented! I’m still looking as I have heard more people are going to add theirs. I will be choosing one by the 17th of February!

You can bookmark the ones you liked🤔

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