7.5/10I love the layout of your cover. Totally gives me retelling vibes and the aesthetic is really pretty and eye catching. Petals are really hard to do so that’s something i would maybe work on. And another improvement I can see would be to cut back some of the branches over the text to make them look like they’re weaving through the text rather than just blocking it out.

The Sentinel (Undergoing Extremely Tedious and Annoying Rewrites) by undefined



I really like how the gold contrasts with the dark blue background, and the little swirls are a nice touch - they’re elegant and aesthetic, and they’re not too overpowering. This might just be me, but I feel like the sword handle blends in with the background a little too much (which is just because they’re very similar shades of blue).


Depends on the style of fantasy. I don’t think everything has to be “high” fantasy. It’s a current-time story including angels and demons. So the low rating is basically you not thinkibg it’s a fantasy cover?


I really like the design of the stars and the color contrast is beautiful, but it seems like there is too much going on to get a good feel of what type of story it is or to try and guess what it could be about.



7/10 for me. I like that it looks hand-drawn (I definitely don’t have that much artistic talent), but it’s a little plain, and the font made the second word in particular a little difficult to read. But I do very much like the symmetry that the window and faces provide.


I think out of the cover variations, this one leaves an impact on me. :slightly_smiling_face:
Oops… :open_mouth: I not submitting a cover… okay, ducking out now… I was never here:no_mouth:


6.5/10 I think you should try playing around with the text placement a little the cover looks a bit too empty. However the font choice and the background image are well balanced in terms of colour scheme. :+1:

here is mine



8/10 – I love the font and border designs but the gold seems a bit off-putting against the darker, grittier background. Perhaps applying a lighter filter to the background art (if possible) would work better.


7/10 this is a hard one. I’m not a fan of the font you used, especially because it’s the same one for all the texts you have on the cover. I’d use a stronger font for the main title “Ashes”. Also when I read ASHES I’d picture something a little more gray rather than green… It’s really hard because this is just personal preference and not necessarily a bad cover! I’d just make it a bit more fitting to the title and a little more diverse. What I do really like is the picture with the person there in the center! The picture is very intruiging!



oooh I really like this cover. It’s simple, minimilistic but at the same time its dark and enthralling. Brilliant! 10/10

Here is mine… Which one is better?

Sidara's%20Bane%2011 Sidara's%20Bane%2010


wow, thank you so much for your praise! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Probably the second one. But that’s just my personal preference. Not too sure what it’s about however.

And here’s one of mine.


9/10, I love this! The only thing I’d say is maybe saturate the background more to make it a little more fantasy-ish and to fit with the title colour better, looks great though! <33



I like the crispness and you’ve rocked your colour matching and placement. My one qualm is the order of the things my eye is drawn to: the title gets a bit lost in other text, and the whole thing ends up looking kind of text-laden. Try putting the title at the top and the design in the middle, for starters, if you have the power to play around with that.

It’s also a bit of a generic title? It doesn’t particularly intrigue me, and the ‘you’re a hero’ etc. feels a bit cliche. I’m not sure I’d pick it up to read the back.



@Lazybrew I actually prefer the first one out of the two (the one with the blue tree), that one is phenomenal. I would give it a 10/10 (it’s actually so pretty I’m crying ;_:wink:


It’s meant to be dark :wink:


8/10. The image and text match each other perfectly, but the font seems kind of repetitive to me. Maybe you should change the font of some of the phrases? All in all, the cover communicates the mood of the book perfectly as it gives off that cold feel.

This is my cover, it is the first I’ve designed and made myself. Please rate it.



This is pretty good. Sorry, I’m not adding a cover. I wanted to comment and say this.
Also, one thing came to mind. The wings might give a surreal effect if it was like a tattoo coming out of her back. You’d only have to add a darker opacity layer with a low percentage to achieve that effect. That’s just a suggestion. Otherwise, this is a good first design.:+1:


Because the last person didn’t post a cover, I’m just gonna rate the one above.

5.8/10 – I like the art of the butterfly faded into the girl to make it look like she has wings but the clock’s positioning kinda feels off and it doesn’t quite fit it in with the overall blue color scheme (probably because the bottom half of the clock is rusty). Also, the text seems sloppily thrown onto the cover and the ribbon-banner is, for lack of better words, awkward.


7/10 I like the graphic and the central fire mountain is eye catching. The title font is good, but the colour is too similar to the image. So it doesn’t stand out. It’s the same for the smaller fonts, they seem to blend in too much with the image. Otherwise, it’s a nice job.

I’ve revised mine for many times now. Below is the final version for paperback release.