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Graphic Type: Simple or Manip

Title: Colors

Author: L4ghtning

Genre(s): Adventure, Sci-fi, Fantasy, Action. (Multiple worlds).

Colours: Orange and galaxy type designs.

Idea(s): Main character’s hair and eyes are orange, but she’s looking for other people with oddly colored hair and eyes so I’ve thought about putting a rainbow aspect in somewhere. She uses a katana and wears a black hood. A galaxy behind her would be nice because it shows how she travels from world to world.

Story Summary: In a world of advanced science and technology, apocalypse threatens to take over. In the last final attempt to save themselves, they called to the other eight worlds to help.

But how can you save a world you don’t even know exists?

Meet Zahra, a sixteen-year-old girl with bright orange hair and eyes. Cursed by her past and unsure about her fading future, she sets off on a journey to find all the people like her, Colors. With only her fighting and stealth prowess, and her wimpy ability to see emotions, Zahra battles power-hungry organizations in the hunt to find the others. But how can she connect the clues when not every Color is on her side?

Anything Else: Here is the cover I’ve been using in case it helps:

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Tried covering ur details. Hope you like it!

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Wow, I like how you put the title behind and in front of her.

The orange glow gives it a magical vibe and I like how you gave it a rainbow galaxy.

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The glowing letters are really cool and I like how everything goes together. Not showing her face gives it a more mysterious vibe which works well since she wears the hood to hide her features.

Hi, I gave it a go. Didn’t know where to put a rainbow so I didn’t haha. Hope you like it :))



She’s really pretty! The orange works well enough that it doesn’t even need a rainbow. This one will defiantly be a hard one to choose between.

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Here’s my version! I’ll admit, I wasn’t expecting it to come out as a 1950’s galaxy pin-up girl but I kinda like it. LOL

There are two versions with two different color titles. I couldn’t decide which I liked best so I’ll put them both here for you to choose from.

Now, I know you didn’t mention payment above, but if you do pick mine all I ask for is to give CREDIT for the cover. It’s a nice gesture and helps other writers find us designers.

I hope you like! Feel free to tell me what you think!


Version1: White title


Version2: Orange title/matching hair

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I design commercial covers! Please let me know if you’re interested and I’ll get back with you.

Both of those are very cool. Thanks so much! I’m giving credit to designers by saying who made the cover underneath my story description. I’m also following everyone who puts their time and effort into designing covers for me.

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