Cover Request for Multi-cultural Romance Trilogy

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Graphic Type: I’d like three covers that go together for my romance trilogy. My characters are Indian or part Indian so I’d like the images to reflect ethnicity.

Title: Silently Falling Love: Lucky Charm. Silently Falling in Love: Again. Silently Falling in Love: Race


Genre(s): Modern Day Realistic Romance

Colours: I’d like the cover to be colorful and reflect the Indian vibrant Indian culture

Idea(s): I like the cover for SFIL: Lucky Charm - I got that from the Internet. I like not showing the faces of the people. It doesn’t have to be real people, it can be animated or sketches. I do not want Bollywood stars on the cover or a redesign of a Bollywood movie poster. my characters are of Indian descent who grow up in the US and toggle between cultures, sometimes causing a great deal of confusion. I’d like the cover to be intriguing and unique.

Story Summary: In the first book Lucky Charm it starts off as the female character on the verge of divorce from her husband of 15 years and the story goes back and forth between her and her husband and the look back at their relationship and how they got to where they are. There are several romantic bits but also lots of frustrating scenes because there is a lot of confusion growing up in two cultures. The female is born and brought up in the States and her parents are Indian. The male character is half Indian and half British and brought up in the US. For books 2 and 3 I played with the themes of destiny and fate. In Book 2 One thing in the male characters life changes and because of that the entire romance and when he meets the female character changes. In Book 3 One thing in the female characters life changes completely and therefore it also completely changes the romance. this is not a series where one book picks up where the last one left off. It is instead one couple and three different scenarios of their life together. If you’re interested and want more details without reading the book DM me and I’ll give away the plot so you can better understand what I’m looking for.

Payment (if offered): I will definitely give you credit for the covers and make sure you’re tagged. If you have books you’re writing I’m happy to read up to 3 chapters for each cover and give feedback. If you’d like something different let me know.

Anything Else: I’m re-writing the current series and I will be posting the edited versions soon. These covers are for the revised books. I had several readers who loved the book and have encouraged me to get it published which is why I’ve spent the last year editing the series and I’m looking to publish the books. Your covers would be for the new and improved version of the books.

Thank you so much for your help!!!

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Figured I’d give it a go. I was going to do silhouettes but I figured I’d go with this.

Hi, this is what i have for you:




I found three different pictures with the same person so I thought that could work well.
image image image

Thank you I love the style and the coloring. any chance you can make it so its not a bride and groom?

For which cover? They’re the same people, only aged up for the second and third book. Of course, I got the images off of google so I cant say whatis happening.

If you have a certain image in mind, I can attempt a new take.

Hey there! Are you still in need of the covers? I could pull something, if you wish.

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Yes I’m still looking for a cover. I’d love for you to design one for me. thanks! Let me know if you have any more questions.

Thanks so much. I don’t want an image of a wedding in any of them. In one of the books they never get married and the wedding is not a large part of the book. I’d like to focus more on the relationship. Here are a few ideas:

Book 1: Two different couples dressed up for a gala/night out but the guy in one couple is attracted to the woman in the other couple and she’s attracted to him too. There is a scene in the book I can direct you too if that’s helpful.
Book 2: a couple having an intimate lunch at a restaurant drinking Chardonnay
Book 3: A couple dancing where the woman is wearing a dark colored sari - navy blue or black preferably

Other Ideas:

Book 1: A woman and a man working together in a workshop professionally but there are undertones of attraction

Book 2: A man and a woman sitting next to each other on the bleachers - they look like they are cheering on a team

Book 3: A man and a woman on a boat getting ready for a dive in the ocean

Let me know if you’d like more ideas.

Thank you!!! Happy Friday.

Okay, I can see what I can come up with, with those ideas. Do you want it like how I had it in the original covers with the boxes?

Yes I like the boxes. Thank you!

Silently Falling in Love_Race (1)
Silently Falling in Love_Race Silently Falling in Love_Race (2)

Thank you for putting together the covers. I’m looking for covers that represent the characters - my characters are Indian or half Indian. If you have some ideas or covers that work I’d love to see them.


Let me know if you’re still interested in creating a book cover. I really like the boxes it adds to the feeling to the story. I’m going to post the story soon - I can use a basic cover until you’re done. Best, G.D.

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Ah, sorry for the delay. I can try it, and hopefully the images I find reflect the ideas that you have above. Well, that’s my plan anyways. The third covers, with the number of boxes, might be slightly different. I deleted that template a while ago but I am looking for it again in case I had it saved. I should have one of them done tonight or tomorrow.

Here’s “Silently Falling in Love: Lucky Charm” I can change them to match the color like I did in my first original post or make them black and white.

I am bad with font, so I wasn’t sure which one to use. If you have a certain font in mind or like one over the other, just let me know. The other covers will be taking me a little longer.

thank you for getting back to me so soon. I like the font in the second one. And I do like how you have it zig zagged. The models are all smiling and happy but the book is based around a couple thinking their marriage is about to fall apart. So the characters are in a deep reflective mode looking back over what went wrong. Their expressions do not match the tone of the book. Sorry to be so picky but I do want the cover to best represent the story. Thank you so much for trying! Best, G.D.

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