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Title: The Beta’s Mate Returns

Author: @MarKar92

Genre(s): Werewolf/Fantasy

Colours: Dark colors of black, red, silver, blue, grey, brown for the dirt.

Idea(s): I want to have a blond girl, with her hair blowing in the breeze, standing on a mountain. She needs to have a missing right hand, with a sword sticking out of the hand. Her face needs to be facingtowards the mountain and she’s gotta be wearing a detective outfit of sorts. Sorry it’s so detailed and it it’s too hard please let me know.

Story Summary:

Skylar has returned to her hometown. She is here out of loyalty to the werewolf council that dictates her every move. She carries a dark secret with her that cannot go unnoticed. She has walked into the cabin of her former best friend Nixon Barros to fulfill her part in the prophecy and nothing is going to stop her.

Enjoy this story of twists and turns as this Beta learns to love and accept his mate, all while trying to stop a crazed witch and a hybrid wolf, from creating a genetically altered group of wolves that could kill off their kind.

Payment: PM me to ask. I’m not sure what I can offer except my editing services, and using your graphic with your name tagged on it, if that’s even allowed, as I’m flat broke. Any suggestions also welcomed

Anything Else: if you want to do it that would be great but if not suggestions for a broke person looking to get a vision like this into reality… lol

I gave it a go. I’m not sure it’s exactly what you had in mind but I tried to incorporate all the elements you were looking for.


That’s amazing. What can I do to compensate you!!! I’m amazed. I wish I could make cool stuff. I’m still learning!!

I’m glad you like it! Simply credit for the cover would be enough, although if you decide to use it I would also appreciate a dedication in the story.

I’m sure you can make some very cool stuff! I always feel like I’m still learning too.

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Thanks so much. We are all always learning!

Still open?

It’s closed but thank you so much for offering!! :slight_smile:

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Sorry i forgot to mark it lol

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