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Graphic Type: Cover

Title: The Phoenix Quest

Author: James Tree

Genre(s): Fantasy , Adventure Magic


Idea(s): A woman with black hair with purple streaks, purple hair a white dress and white wings with a castle in the background and a phoenix in the top corner

Story Summary:

Payment (if offered): a chapter dedication

Anything Else: Daytime
Focus on the woman

I decided to try something new. Let me know if you decide you want it so I can get you the one with the preview markings.

i love it but unfortunatly im looking for daytime and the woman in the center and more detailed but great work!

Glad you love it but its understandable. There’s a lot of great graphic designers on here I’m sure will try this out. You should add that into the first post so another designer will be able to get a better idea of what you want. Including the more detail that you’re talking about.

thanks ive already added it :slight_smile:

How about this?

love it except the woman needs to be more matronly instead of diva and the of the cover isnt what im looking for but its amazing and super close to what im looking for thanks!

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Would you like me to remake it?

sure that would be greatthanks!

Do you want like a long wedding white dress type or short dress?

long like a wedding dress but not flowing past her feet or poofy

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I’d be happy to make you a minimalist cover if you fill out my form in my thread :slight_smile:

thanks but im looking for something a bit more then minimalist if possible so ill have to pass sorry

Hi! I tried again, here it is:

And I made a mockup this time

i love it can you dm me it so i can use it please ill dedicate a chapter to you :slight_smile:

What about this one:

Let me know if you like it
Copy of Book Cover - Made with PosterMyWall (10)

The Phoenix Quest


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