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Hey!! I love making covers and I’ve been there, in the situation where they it takes weeks for someone to make a cover. I’ll make you a few options in a short amount of time and since I do make them fast you can later tell me if you want me to change anything.

Here are some of my works I’ve done for writers:


Excuse the blurriness in the first one, I lost almost all my works or they got blurry.

Just fill this form and you can get your cover really soon:

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  • Author:
  • Genre:
  • Story Summary:
  • General idea of what you want (including colors):
  • Other (images, fonts, etc.):


  • must follow me
  • leave cover for at least 2 weeks
  • give me credits in description
  • i can be the only person making the cover, it’s not out of selfish or jealousy or anything but i put my time and effort into these covers so if i see you requesting at the same time another cover for the same book i will automatically stop.

title: grey eminence
genre: romance
summary : the story is based on the female is the future and earth became uninhabitable.thats when tamarth a similar planet was found .only the wealthy had the resources to move . some parents sold off their kids so that they can survive.the female lead was one of them this made her felt betrayed and unlovable .
there was a power struggle and a war broke out new countries were formed and estus was one among them ,the wealthiest country .it was ruled by a dictator .the person whom she was sold to was ainsworth,a wealthy above average.just when she was about to believe in love again.she overheard a conversation between ainsworth and his butler
alexis is just a pawn in my game he said this hurt her .she was used as a bed warmer for the dictator,he wanted her to look at her.but she refused .he wanted her body to remember him.he constantly raped her.she started a secret society to rebel and overthrow him.meets kevin a man who lost his sister a orphan who was used in the war.he had the same objectives.they fell in love.his childhood sweetheart came into picture .he left alexis .alexis became a living doll.the dictator married her.they had a child.she doesnt love him she promised to never give her heart to him

she is a very manupulative,externally caring but helpless character.the story isnt complete yet so it will take sometime before posting
this the story not the summary please make a cover fitting this

omg the summary is so good but do you have any specific colors in mind?

nope.did you like the story?

did you make the cover?

I made it but I wasn’t happy enough with the result so I was going to change it up a bit, I didn’t know if you were in a hurry since you still haven’t published your story.

This is what I got, I was going to do three but I didn’t really like how they were turning out, let me know if you like it or want a redo.

its goooooooood…but i got plenty of time .you can make the 3 .i want the best you could give.
you are talented

i ll use this for now let me know if you got more ideas


glad to see you posted your story!! it’s finally the weekend so i have more time i’ll see if i get any more ideas plus i also need to make a cover for someone else so i’ll try to make time but you at least have one already

im sorry but you won’t be receiving another cover as i was scrolling through my friend’s cover shop and you seem to have requested one there too. it’s no problem really but i have to do this other cover soon but feel free to come back anytime


Book Title: Christmas Stories
Author Name: larryonme2
Story summary : Four Christmas stories, the first is Blair who goes to a casting but a car driven by Harry Styles runs over her, the second is Margaret who discovers her boyfriend cheating on her with her best friend, the third is Pablo who is a shy boy who He wants to be a musician and was rejected by the university of his dreams. He meets Abigaíl, a very outgoing girl, and the fourth is Samantha, who is a future writer who finally declares the love of her life and he rejects it, what they have in common is that the four work in the coffee Miss time.
General idea:
With Harry Styles, Emma Watson, Sofia Carson, Emily Rudd and Cole Sprouse on the cover I settle, if not, with a cute Christmas tree or Christmas sphere

hey so feel free to tell me if you don’t like them and what you want me to change, i don’t want you to take a cover you don’t enjoy but i did want it to be in a good amount of time (not weeks of waiting) so just let me know if you want any changes. good story by the way

It’s so beautyyyyyyyy,thanks you so much, it’s perfect, really, thanks. <3

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Title: Until You
Author: Liv Mortensen
Genre: Teen Fiction (Mainly Romance with some action)
Story Summary: Lauren Hales has just moved from her home in LA and the beach she loves to North Carolina, where she tries to feel comfortable there. Her life is pretty boring until she meets Cole, the hottest Junior in the school. Lauren doesn’t realize anything until they are inexplicably drawn to each other. Lauren tries to sort out her feelings for him, but memories of her confusing past begin to resurface, and she decides she needs some time to herself. But what draws her back is when tragedy strikes and everyone in their city is put in danger. Including Cole.

I don’t necessarily have a preference for any specific colors, but I do want more of a romantic (ish) cover, that’s pretty simple. I also would prefer a simple font that isn’t too fancy but also isn’t super block lettery if you know what I mean. :wink: Generally I don’t have a ton of preferences except for those ones so feel free to do kind of whatever.
Right now I have a cover for my book, but it’s not really my favorite, I just needed a cover so I could start publishing it. You can check out the cover I made for ideas. Also if the cover you make is great, I would love to give you tons of credit!!!

I’ll start working on it soon :slight_smile: my life has been pretty hectic lately with end of semester tests and cheer practice.

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Same! End of semester finals are a bit crazy. I totally understand. :joy: