Covers 4 You [OPEN] (Covers, Banners, etc. Available)



Hey! Do you need a cover ASAP? I’d love to make you one! You can get to me 3 ways:
1)DM me
2)Read my book (has examples)
3)Just comment down below!

If you are going to request a cover, please comment in this format:
Title of Book:
Quotes (optional):

There are examples of my covers in books!


I’m bored


What is your username?










Name: @Ashantidaquan

Title of Book: Secretly Filmed

Author: Rachel Williams

Summary: it’s about a girl who is secretly filmed while she is being intimate by her stalker. The stalker then puts it online.

Ideas: An emotional girl (black) and a man in the shadows with a camera.

Hope it makes sense. Thanks in advance if you take up my request.


Hey! I’ve completed the cover! You can access it by going to be book. It would be in chapter 5 aka example 4. Tell me what you think!

Here’s the link to my account:


Oh okay, i was just looking for links for you. I’ll checks it out now. Thanks :slightly_smiling_face:


That was super quick. I do like the cover but at this time I wont be using it. Thanks again tho.


No Problem! I can make edits to fit your preferences if you want.




Name: Tanya
Title of Book: The Game
Author: Lovely29
Summary: Eight members of the the Archie crew (Archie, Veronica, Betty, Jughead, Josie, Reggie, Fangs, and Toni) are pulled into a reality show put together by Hiram Lodge, he’s found a new way of making money, and it’s TV. It’s really just a big game for everyone. Hiram puts them in a series of challenges for them to get the chance to win a million dollars or lose everything. It takes place in a mansion near some woods so almost like a camp with no cabins just this huge house. There isn’t really any set couple they all are just trying to figure out what Hiram is really up to.
Ideas: I just want to see what you come up with. I trust your talents
Quotes (optional):
Comments:none right now


Hey! I’d love to do a cover for you! I just have a few questions. Is the main character a male or female? Do you have any idea on what you want as a cover? I found a really nice picture for the background of the cover but the person on it is a male and it’s just him is that okay?


Hey! I just decided to make you 3 covers and you could pick your favorite! To access them you could go to my book and go to chapters 6-8 or examples 5-7. Thanks! Tell me which one you choose out of the 3!




Title: My love and Loss
Author: Only_Liz
SUmmary: A story of betrayl and loss
Ideas: a broken red heart in a black backround with a crying girl
Comments: thank you so much


Is it okay if I made you a cover that isn’t really what you wrote in ideas?


Well, I’ve completed the cover. I made you 3 and you can pick your favorite! To access it you can go on my account and go to my book. Chapter 8-11 or Example 7-10 will be your covers! Tell me which one you chose and what you thought of them!