Covers 4 You [OPEN] (Covers, Banners, etc. Available)





Oml thank you so much!!! I think ill use the second one
Example 9


Could you send it to me please


Lmao jk i meant the last one…


It would be easier if you could screenshot it:

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Thank you sfm


I love all three but I think I’m gonna go with the first one you made. Thank you so much. Feel free to have the other ones be premades


No Problem!


I’m really glad you liked them!
















Name: Ash

Title of Book: A Beast’s Lover

Author: Ash Stepp

Summary: Charles Barden was turned into a monster and has until his 30th birthday to fall in love. With only three months left to find love, he has completly given up. His hopeful mother and optimistic brother, though, have not.

Jason Miller has always loved the idea of love. Even after many heartbreaks, he remains optimistic. His father, though, feels that his love life will never be successful. He doesn’t let this ruin his hopes as he finds himself wondering what’s happened to the Barden family.

They eventually find themselves trapped in the same house. What will happen? Will Charles find his true love? Or will he be stuck as a beast forever?

Ideas: There should be a rose in the center of the cover. The background should be black with a white glow around the rose. The text should be golden and in cursive. If there isn’t a rose than there should be green eyes of a wolf or of a man.

Quotes (optional): A Beauty and The Beast retelling


I made you 3 covers! They are somewhat along the lines of what you wanted… if you go check out my book examples 10-13 are your covers!




Thank you! I’m going to use the third one. I’ll give you credit once I post the prologue.