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Title: Of Love and Faith
Subtitle*: The Cassidy Chronicles (This is book one in a series)
Author name: Madison Kunzler
Genre/Theme: Historical Fiction/ Romance
Summary: When Jacob Cassidy returned from California to his hometown in Iowa, he was expecting to move into his childhood home and farm and settle down from his cowboy life. But when Rosie Farnsworth’s cornsilk hair catches his attention, all his plans seem to go down the drain. With her brother fighting their love at every chance, and with questions of faith plaguing the cowboy’s mind, will he and Rosie be able to make it work?

Color Scheme: Nothing bright or neon, but not just all dark colors either. I want colors naturally found in nature.

Other Notes: This is set in the 1800s, and is a little western, so it just has to fit that time frame. When Calls the Heart, Love Comes Softly, and Love’s Enduring Promises are all good examples.