covers and character aesthetics

covers + character/story aesthetics

hello! i’m avery, and i’ll be offering
character aesthetics and all types of covers.
ive started school again, so delivery might
take a few days. just follow the rules and get

rules and payment

payment is 5-10 comments on three chapters of
my story, 12:01. credit is mandatory. you can request
as much as you want, just make sure to be patient
and fill out the form properly!


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simple covers
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open and no queue

5-10 inline comments??? holy hell

it’s in total haha not each but if it’s too much you can always state your own payment and ill try to adjust

Oh I thought you meant per chapter :joy::joy:

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:joy: :joy: that’s your choice how many you do

Cover 1

title: The Sluts Guide To High School
author: Khan Shifana
subtitle: N/A
images/ideas: a bit like the “Night Eye” Image.
color scheme/mood: dark.
genre/summary: || Teen Fiction ||

The last day of Junior High resulted in lots of drama and heartbreaks at once. The Queen Bee, Athena Kingston; also known as The Slut of Crystalline Royal High School was finally dumped by the popular boy Noah Roman.

Lilly Allen was the nerd who had done the deed of stealing Athena’s boyfriend for good. Just like the regular cliches, that was a cliche too. The most beautiful, popular, and smart girl Athena, was left for a simple, cute and an average girl, Lilly. Because as they say, personality is what steals a man’s heart.

Was this really the case? Athena had more than she showed.

Along with her two best friends, Silvia Desmond and Ivory Black by her side, Athena embarks on a journey of ruining Lilly’s life and bringing Noah on his knees.

Promising herself a happy life, true love, and some fun, Athena kick starts the Senior Year.

Little did she know that the fun and happy life would cost her and her friends a roller coaster of emotions and heartbreaks.

extra: thank you!

Cover 2 -

title: It’s Just Pretence
author: Khan Shifana
subtitle: N/A
images/ideas: something similar to “accidentally in love” but, a little dark.
color scheme/mood: gold kinda, sexy.
genre/summary: || Actress - Mafia Romance ||

Nina Simone was the woman who defined arrogant, bitchy, rude and sexy perfectly. She was all that one would ever want to be, the most successful lady in Hollywood. Her journey from a simple bullied girl to the highest-paid actress in Hollywood was inspirational.

For others. For her, it was filled with drama, sexual assault, drugs, and crime. After fifteen years of hard work, she had it all, from luxurious cars to mansions in different parts of America. From fame to numerous awards. All.

Except for a home, a home in two eyes, in a human with a heartbeat, in a person who would embrace all her scars. Since childhood destiny was always against her, every time she thought she would find happiness in a person, they left her.

One night, one contract, and one kiss urged her to look forward to a happy life, only to come across the most heartless human to ever exist.

Adam Sebastian Smith.

What happens when the fierce Nina Simone sleeps with the mafia king Adam Sebastian Smith? Their life falls apart as secrets unravel, controversies and heartbreaks follow along.

Will the already broken souls help each other or, destroy each other?

extra: thank you!

Password: Señorita

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hey! you’re forgetting something in your post (it’s in the rules section) and if you add it ill accept <3

Done, I was too excited for requesting xD

can you also give like a few images you might want? the covers might not be as dark haha but I need an idea to base off on like a girl/couple etc

Uh okay.

forgot to say but also accepted! and I’m not asking you to look up images haha sorry if it’s confusing I’m just asking if you have any general ideas

title: Flying Colors
author: Chyler Deatherage
subtitle: A story of magic, adventure, and friendship.
images/ideas: (I’m lazy and don’t want to deal with commas for the rest of the post sorry.) I want a teenage boy with black wolf ears a beanie and wearing a white long sleeve button up shirt he is looking straight forward and has a black wolf tail. He has a black wolf tail and black slack and white tennis shoes. He also has bright blue eyes (VERY important detail) On our right side his left side I want a emblem in the shape of a shield with a red ribbon wrapped around it. He has dark skin, but not super dark. On our right his left I want a teenage girl wearing the same outfit as him except a short black skirt and knee length socks. She has long golden hair and light green eyes. She has long elf ears. On our Right her left I want a girl wearing a tattered cloak she has wings that look like ferns. She has long red hair and purple eyes. She has blue feather like feelers on her eyebrows that go slightly above her head. She has sea-shell like ears though those can be hidden behind her ears. She has freckles all over her face, and she never smiles. On our left side the boys right side I want another boy with short hair and on the tips are red. His eyes go from red to orange to yellow. He small purple horns that go straight up but bend inward at the end. He is wearing a black patchy cloak. He has a purple tail with a ball like thing at the end. On his right our left is a girl with short brown hair a round face. She is human (don’t worry) she is wearing a white gown with purple lace around it. Around her stomach is a purple bow that wraps around the dress. She has black lace up shoes. Her eyes are green. Tow with the wolf ears and tail has to be in the middle of all of these people. Behind all of them is a girl floating behind with a long black gown. She has white bobbed hair. Around the five people in the front are different colors of mist like stuff. Around the girl with short brown hair is a green mist. Around the boy with purple horns is a black mist. Around the other boy is blue mist. Around the girl with elf ears is white mist. Around the girl with wings is a purple mist.

This is a lot and I understand if you can’t do it. I COMPLETELY understand don’t worry. I know this is a little after your due date. Thank you for reading : D Keep being you!!

color scheme/mood: blues and blacks
genre/summary: Fantasy Adventure YA Fantasy
extra: nope

ahhh im so sorry but i dont think i can do this one im not very good with covers that has more than 2 people in it, and two, im not offering manip right now!

That is completely fine I wasn’t expecting people to be able to. I just wanted to give it a shot.

title: Underdog
author: Jax Mayflower
images/ideas: then a brown haired man (i was thinking tommy dorfman as the model) on the cover like the radiance cover.
something similair to the wigs and whiskey cover would be great with a brown haired man looking away from the cover.
color scheme/mood: reds / whites
genre/summary: fanfiction.
Blaine was a lover before he was a killer.

After watching the love of his life, Harper die in the hunger games, Blaine has slipped into a wave of depression. But with the third quarter quell coming around, Blaine finds himself trapped between the alcohol and a secret rebellion growing to overthrow the Capitol and their wicked games.

Now with the new games approaching, Blaine must re-enter the games; and if that wasn’t hard enough. He will come face to face with the person that killed Harper, and in the fighting will find a new lover.


pretty reckless - extreme music

accepted! - sorry for the late response haha, school’s killing me

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simple cover
title: with love, moon
author: C. Gonzalez
subtitle: new girl and outsider? maybe perfect.
images/ideas: I think maybe just a picture of a guy or a couple together and like nice font that makes it light-hearted, like eye-catching, if that makes sense lol
color scheme/mood: bright, light-hearted
genre/summary: romance, teen fiction. it’s about a guy, Wes, who was accused of a crime he didn’t commit and he was sentenced to jail. then he’s free 3 years later, but it the talk of the town. Mickie, is the new girl in school and she meets Wes in some unusual circumstance. maybe just maybe they’ll fall in love.
extra: maybe you can use these pictures:

thank you so much if you accept!

accepted! please complete payment <3