Covers and Character Drawings (A Cover Shop) V. 2



Hello welcome to my cover shop,

You can either a request a cover or character drawing (or portrait) here or on my cover shop (But your finished cover will be posted in my cover shop but and I will send the link to it to you through PMs.)

Examples of my work:

you can see more of my covers and character drawings here
(Please do not steal, if I made one of these covers for you, you may use it but if you didn’t then do not take them.)
go here for Premades

Your (Wattpad) payment is your choice, whatever you feel most comfortable doing

(example of some payments.)

Also if you want anything changed in your cover and/or character drawing/portrait please tell me (politely) and I will do it


  1. when requesting a cover please fill out the form (and please give me as many details as possible) I’ve just had the problem recently of having the cover that someone requested not turn out the way they wanted. So please fill out the form.

  2. Please give credit to me for making the cover, even if it is only 'cover made by @Lady_Annabelle in your books description or if it is a character drawing/portrait do it within your book on the page where you post it. It would just be helpful in getting more people to come to my cover shop if you gave credit.

  3. I have had this issue now several times, if you want me to redo the cover (or character drawing/portrait) I made you and dont like it please tell me and I will redo it and don’t be silent about it. (However don’t be rude about it either)

I am currently catching up on previously requested covers and character drawings, you can still request covers at this time but know that it may take a little longer than it usually would to finish them


just bumping the thread…


I’m interested!


Awesome! :smiley: So…would you like a cover or a character drawing (or edit)?


character drawing! :grin:


Okay, I just need you to fill out this is form then:
Username :

Character name:

Character Gender:

Character eye color:

Character Hair Color:

character race (such as an elf, fairy, etc.):


and will draw your character drawing. :wink:



[quote=“Lady_Annabelle, post:6, topic:24852”]
Okay, I just need you to fill out this is form then:

Username : ShinomiyaDR

Character name: Noelle

Character Gender: Female

Character eye color: golden

Character Hair Color: Not too sure on this one… honey brown?

character race (such as an elf, fairy, etc.): humanoid

Outfit: flowing white dress, sparkling flats

Other: She has the body of a twelve-year-old
and will draw your character drawing. :wink:


Okay thank you for filling out the form, once your drawing is finished I will send the link to you through the PMs. :wink:


Just bumping it so people know this thread is still open…


Just wondering does your character have long hair or short hair?


bumping this, just to let people know it is still active.


Hi, do you do shoutouts as payment? If so, I have a fairly complex cover design I’d like to ask for.


Yes shoutouts can be a payment. :slight_smile: Do you want a photo edited cover or an hand-drawn one?


A hand-drawn one would be nice, especially since its a kind of complicated idea I had for this cover


Okay awesome, so… please fill out this form (so I can begin working on your cover):
Book name:

Book Genre:

Username :

what would you like on the cover? (object, character, etc.):

Background color:

Font style and color:

Mood (Please describe in more than one word):



Quick question, but what would The mood be?


Oh it’s just the feeling you want for your novel cover, like a serious feeling or a happy one, if you know what I mean.


Hello? Do you still want a cover?


Sorry! I was busy the last two days. I’ll fill it out now


Okay thank you, and I understand. we all have busy lives. :slight_smile: