Covers and Character Drawings (A Cover Shop) V. 2



Book Name: The Princess Loves… a Peasant?!

Book Genre: Romance

Username: Evie_Emerald13579

What I would like on the cover: My OCs Rory and Maria (physical descriptions under the “other” section)

Background Color: Rory’s half red, Maria’s half silver

Font style and cover: Some kind of cursive font, no preference, and either a pink or just black, whichever looks better

Mood: Overall mood of the cover would probably be both of them blushing and holding hands but looking away from each other. I’d prefer this kind of a mood to show a sort of symbol that while they’re in love, they can’t show it to other people, so if someone asks they’ll look the other way.

Rory’s physical description: About sixteen years old, he has purple hair with reddish-crimson ends. His eyes are a purplish-crimson as well, but if you wan to give him red eyes for reasons I won’t explain since it’s kind kind of a spoiler, feel free to do so. He tends to wear torn jeans, a dirtied up white shirt of some sort and a jacket (he’s very fond of this one red hoodie jacket he owns that he wears in the spring). He’s a dragon hybrid, and he has purple and crimson wings, along with a long purple tail with crimson spikes along the backside of it. He also has a lot of freckles on his face, and he’s fairly muscular due to all the farm work he does.

Maria: I think it’d be better to go for her “princess” appearance for this one. She’s somewhat pale, since she’s not outside much due to her father’s strict rules, and she has light silver hair in this form. Her eyes also are a dark purple in this form. She wears a silver dress that poofs out a lot at the bottom, and it’s detailed with white lacing and pearls. Her hair tends to be in a long braid, as it helps to fit her small crown, which has a crescent moon on it encrusted with purple gems. I’d mention shoes but you can’t see them under the dress. She also wears a silver locket in the shape of a crescent moon at all times.


Thank you so much for filling out the form. :slight_smile: I’ll send you the link to your cover in the PMs when it’s ready.


Thank you so much! If you have any clarification questions before it’s done just let me know!


You’re welcome, and thank you.




Also just so you know, I am still getting the materials to make your cover, but once I have them, I’ll tell you.


Ok! Take your time! There’s no rush! I’m actually working on a few really long chapters right now, so don’t feel as if I need it right now, cause I don’t.


Okay thank you. :slight_smile:


No problem! Take however long you need!


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color is Maria’s hair? Just wondering…because I was drawing it, and I have no idea.


Oh my gosh, I’m so sorry! I must’ve forgotten to put it in the description! She has hair that’s like a silvery color, not like an old-lady silver, but a nice gentle blond-silvery color, if that makes sense


It’s okay, I totally understand, and thank you for telling me. :smiley:


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this shop is still active. Just so everyone knows.


Alrighty! I wasn’t too concerned, since I knew if it wasn’t you would’ve sent out a message


I was just bumping the shop, so the mods know I’m still using it. (Because they would close it if it wasn’t being used by the person who made it.)


also I have another question about the cover about the purple and crimson wings, I wondering how you want the purple and crimson to go onto the wings, like have a part of it the color crimson and or have the colors meld into one another (if you know what I mean.)


Hang on, if you want I can do a quick spoof sketch of the concept if you want


That would be helpful, but all I need to know is how the coloring on the wings work.