Covers and Character Drawings (A Cover Shop) V. 2



It’s kinda hard to explain, so you know how there’s the actual bony part of the wing and there’s like the weird skin part that dragon wings need to have in order to fly?


The purple part would be the bony part and the crimson part would be the flabby part (I sound like a kid XD)


Okay, thank you for explaining. :slight_smile:


I hope it’s a good enough explaination XD


I am sure it is, and if I have anymore questions I will ask you. :grin:


Alrighty! :blush:




Ugliest. Spoof sketch. Ever XD


Thank you. :slight_smile:


No problem!`


Hey I’d like to make a cover request! I can’t draw to save my life and I’m terrible at photo editing :joy: But I have a very specific idea!

My reward would be a shoutout on my page, and I can write you a fanfic or something too if you want :joy:

Idea: A man walking down a really steep, sort of foggy hill in San Francisco, smoking a cigarette. Below him, the air glows red (the direction he’s walking). The angle should be of his profile walking down the hill. He’s tall, dresses in all black and has black hair that sticks up from his head. The title of the story (Mabel and Sebastian) is at the top, and the cigarette smoke is kind of around it, or connecting to one of the letters.

Feel free to lose some of the details if it’s too hard! I’m good with drawings, photo editing, whatever. I just want my new book to have a nice cover :blush:


Okay I can do that thank you for requesting. :slight_smile:


Thanks so much!! :heart:


also I finished the outline for your cover, I just need to color it in. :wink: (Which I am doing)




I was wondering, I forgot to add this into the form, but what do you want the background color to be?


Also would you like a overlay like I did with this cover on yours?

(it’s optional, so you don’t need to if you don’t want to)


If the overlay is something like the water effect, then no thank you. ^-^ Also, I’d say do a green for Rory’s half and a very light purple for Maria, if possible. If not, then just a pink background is fine


Oh it is the water effect actually, but that’s okay I was just wondering because sometimes I do overlays for covers to add depth, but it is not necessary . :wink: Okay thank you. :smiley:


No problem! ^-^