Covers and Character Drawings (A Cover Shop) V. 2



I found a way to make it stand out (also I made multiple versions of it, so you can decide which one you like best):

Artistic text versions:

I don’t know if you want the bottom text to stand out or not, but if you want it to, I can always change it.


Hi Lady Annabelle, just wondering…when you will be finished with my cover. It has been about a month since I requested it. Is anything wrong or is it too hard?


Sorry that I haven’t finished it yet, it’s not too hard, I actually began working on it, and it was not too hard, but photo edited covers take time, it’s not something I can finish in seconds or minutes. But, just to let you know I am working on it, and I will post it in my book, Covers and Character Drawings, when I am finished, and send you the link. Hope this helps.


I hope soon, I do not have an exact date, but soon.


@wandering1234 I was wondering, if I could ask you a question about your character drawing.


Sure go ahead


I was a little confused about which part I was supposed to draw, really, if that makes sense. Did you want to me to draw everything? Or combine it in a way?


Do as you see fit. Draw them together I guess.


Hiya, I like the middle one, but I think the proportions might be a bit wrong for a cover? It seems a bit too wide?


Okay, I think I can change that. What size do you need it to be?


thank you! I was just wondering. I am not complaining. Thanks for the reply


You’re welcome. :slight_smile:


I don’t know, whatever the standard width is here so that I don’t lose half the title


Okay, I don’t think I have had the problem of a cover being too big for the book before, but I will make it smaller just in case.


I actually just tested it, and part of it does get cut off, I will work on ways to make it not to make it get cut off.


@Hafferby I just fixed it:
(When posting the cover don’t forget to give credit to me, and give a link to the reference image)


I’m interested. For covers, please.


Welcome to my cover shop. :slight_smile: Fill out the form and tell me whether you want a photo edited cover or hand-drawn.


Hi @Dsalvon I have a question relating to your cover.


Hi, just asking if there is any new updates?